Our homes mean more to us than any of our other possessions, not least because it’s the most valuable thing we own but also because it’s where we spend free time with our loved ones. We need to work every day to pay the bills and put food on the table, so it’s nice to have a place we can call our own, enjoy some relaxation, and take pride in our surrounds. However, trends in style change regularly – as do our preferences – meaning it’s good to give homes a makeover from time to time to keep them feeling fresh.

Updating your home’s image might mean applying a new coat of paint or laying down a new floor, but it’s often more complicated. If you’ve lived in the same surrounds for decades and saved a nice pot of cash, you may want to change the furniture, alter the layout of each room or even have an extension. While the finished result will look amazing, you ought to think about all the hard work involved in such a significant revamp. You’ll need to dispose of waste, choose your new decorations wisely, and you’ll probably need a place to store your furniture until your revamp is complete.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to store your belongings at a relative or friend’s house until the revamp is over. However, loved ones won’t have enough room to store the likes of refrigerators, beds and sofas for weeks at a time, which might be what you require if your revamp is large in scale. Fortunately, you don’t have to forget your makeover plans in that situation; you just need to look into other options.

At More Space Storage, we’re here when you need some extra space to store your furniture. Whether you’re looking for small storage sheds or larger storage units in Gold Coast, we can accommodate your needs for a competitive price.

High-Value Storage Sheds in Gold Coast

Our modern storage facility has been purposely built to provide you with a safe and secure place to store your furniture. Here’s why we’re perfectly suited for your needs:

  • Convenient location – We’re located just off the M1 to ensure we’re easy to reach no matter what suburb of Gold Coast you take residence.
  • A unit to suit you – If it’s just a few boxes, we have cupboard-sized units for hire, but we also have garage-sized units if you’re undertaking a multi-room makeover.
  • Professional advice – We’re happy to offer top tips for furniture storage in Gold Coast to help keep your prized possessions safe while in storage.
  • Always here for you – Thanks to 24-hour electronic access, you can retrieve belongings from your unit whenever you please.

The Perfect Storage Solution

We want our storage facilities in Gold Coast to maintain their reputation for being secure, accessible and practical, which is why we endeavour to provide the best service for the best prices on the market. To find out how we can simplify your home renovation, contact us today on 07 5594 9739.