Sometimes you have precious possessions that you love, but you don’t have the space to keep them on your own property. Other times, you might want to put something away in a safe place for long periods. In either case, you want to hold on to the article itself while keeping it somewhere nothing bad will happen to it, perhaps for months or even years. However, many people balk at the expense that they believe comes with long term storage in Gold Coast and other areas.

Here’s the thing, though—if you imagine that long term storage is going to cost you an arm and a leg, you just haven’t done your research, or maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. The truth is quite different. In fact, it’s very possible to find reliable and cheap storage in the Gold Coast area that you can continue to rent for considerable lengths of time. These arrangements make it easy to keep anything you want safe and out of sight for just about as long as you need.

Where should you go for this kind of cheap long term storage, though? Well, for residents of the Gold Coast there’s only one clear choice that will satisfy these requirements. You’ll want to check out More Space Storage, a local family owned and operated business that provides highly affordable storage options with no term limits. Our business model exists specifically so that people like you can put your things in a safe place for as long as you need to without going broke in the process.

Competitive Prices for Storage on the Gold Coast

We can offer storage at our secure facility for as little as $2 per day, depending on the size of the unit you want how long you need the space. Planning to keep your things there for a while? That’s just fine. In fact, we even offer long term discounts on storage as an incentive for continuing to do business with us. It’s that kind of ingenuity and consideration for our customers that makes us so popular with Gold Coast residents and businesses.

No matter what length of time you’re planning to keep your things stored for, we’re able to accommodate you. You don’t even have to know at the front end! That’s because we make a point of never asking you to sign a lock-in contract. All we ever ask is that you pay for each month in advance and that you give us two weeks’ notice before vacating. Other than that, the amount of time you store your things with us for is entirely at your own discretion.

Give Yourself the More Space Storage Advantage

Extremely competitive prices. Convenience and flexibility. A centrally located facility that’s easy to get to from just about anywhere on the Gold Coast. Excellent customer service and tight security to keep your belongings safe. These are all good reasons to choose More Space Storage when you need to put your things in a secure location for any length of time whatsoever. Contact More Space Storage today for more information, or to rent a unit immediately.