It’s hard to take advantage of any service when there are restrictive terms and conditions set on it—even when it’s an extraordinarily good deal otherwise. Just to be clear, though, a good deal isn’t a good deal if you can’t use it the way you want to. Rentals are a good example of this since they often attempt to lock you into contracts for longer than you need the equipment you’re taking out.

When you rent a self storage space in Gold Coast with More Space Storage, though, you won’t run into any problems like that. That’s because, at More Space Storage, Gold Coast residents and other customers (you don’t have to live in Gold Coast, we’re just close by if you do) will find flexible rental options for their storage spaces. We do everything we can to make the process of renting a Gold Coast self storage space pain-free and straightforward, and best of all we avoid tricky deals that keep you paying for space long after you’ve stopped needing it. When you go through More Space Storage, you’ll be entrusting your items to the care of people who really have your best interests at heart. That’s how we’ve kept our family owned and operated business running so successfully for this long.

Gold Coast Storage Without Limits

What do we mean by storage without limits? It’s simple. Firstly, we have no lock-in contracts whatsoever at More Space Storage. Nor do we impose a minimum length of time for you to store your items with us. If your circumstances happen to change, it’s okay. The future is uncertain. We understand. That’s why we’re happy to refund you for any unused storage fees—if you don’t use the time, you don’t pay for it. Simple, right? We also encourage our customers to pay each month as needed, just in case things don’t go as planned and they need to take their things out of storage more quickly than they anticipated.

The opposite is true if you require more space than you initially thought. Just let us know, and we can usually allocate more space to you quickly so that you can move your extra stuff in.

Choose Storage That Works for You

You should never find yourself having to work around an obsolete commitment, especially when it’s something as silly as the contract on a storage unit. Life is much too important to plan your time and efforts based on something like that. Choose freedom and flexibility when you’re searching for self storage in Gold Coast, and choose More Space Storage. Our commitment to respecting your needs and resources means that you’ll never find yourself unfairly obligated when you choose us to be your storage solution.

Get in touch with us now by calling us or visiting us on the web at We’re more than happy to help you choose the storage options that you’ll need for your things, and assist you in finding convenient ways to coordinate the entire process.