Self-storage can be a useful asset to many people in a variety of different situations. You may be revamping your home in a bid to freshen its look and bring into the 21st century, in which case you may need self storage in Helensvale to store your belongings temporarily. Alternatively, you might be relocating to a new suburb in Gold Coast, perhaps because your family has grown or you fancy something new, but you might not be able to transport all your belongings at the same time. You may be a business that’s experiencing rapid growth and need storage in Labrador while upgrading to a larger office, but no matter what your situation, you need to ensure you utilise a facility you can trust.

At More Space Storage, we provide secure storage in the Gold Coast area next to the M1 to make accessibility easy from all suburbs. Additionally, with security being a huge one priority, our facility is monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras and lighting, and we work with you to find an insurance package to give you extra peace of mind. We’re a family-run business that had our facility built with ease-of-access in mind, so you won’t struggle to transport your belongings and store them whether you’re using a car or truck. We also provide units in a range of different sizes to ensure we have storage solutions to suit all requirements.

If you’ve never utilised storage in Helensvale before, you might find it difficult to decide which the right size is for you. Some people only need to store a few old files or documents in a unit where others need to store a few room’s worth of furniture. Though we’re more than happy to offer professional advice, you might benefit from having an idea about what size unit you’ll need before requesting a viewing. Below, we’ll give you a brief guide to storage unit sizes and their capabilities.

Storage in Arundel: A Guide to Unit Size

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing which unit to hire is choosing the wrong size, which is why this article intends to shed light on which size might be most suitable for your needs.

  • 4m3 – The smallest size we offer, this unit is appropriate for boxes of files or suitcases and luggage.
  • 12m3 – If you’re relocating and need temporary storage, this size unit will accommodate one bedroom’s worth of belongings with relative ease.
  • 26m3 – This unit can hold two bedrooms’ worth of belongings but is also appropriate for office storage.
  • 58m3 – This is the largest unit we offer and can hold the contents of a large home as well as items found in the garage and shed.

We also offer a hard stand storage option for keeping vehicles, towed caravans, boat trailers and jet skis.

Whatever You Need, We’re Here to Help

At More Space Storage, we’re here to securely store your belongings when you simply have no spare room at your home or office. We understand that it’s hard to predict how long you’ll need your unit, which is why we have no minimum term contracts. For more information about how we can help, contact us today, and we’d be happy to assist.