6 Clever Kitchen Organisation Tips

The organised kitchen: everyone wants one, but very few of us have actually pulled it off. The truth is, organising your kitchen isn’t always easy. At least, it wasn’t until now! We have compiled some of our best kitchen organisation tips to help you get started on your odyssey against kitchen clutter. In our experience, a point in the right direction is all you need to master the kitchen domain and reclaim space you didn’t even know you had.

#1 Kitchen organisation tips for your cabinets: hang up your mugs

When you are perusing kitchen organisation tips, you may notice that they have one thing in common: they all start from the ground up. So what does that mean for you? It basically means you should identify things that occupy the most space, and work out how to address them. Let’s look at mugs, for example. Because of their handles, they are pretty cumbersome items to store. But there is a solution! If you hang mugs using small hooks, you can turn their weakness into their strength. Hanging mugs look great and they open up an abundance of space for you.

#2 There is normally space above your range hood – why not install a cabinet there?

When it comes to kitchen organisation tips, the best ones always draw on the principles of space utilisation. Kitchens are always full of stuff, so you don’t want any potential storage space going to waste. One area that we often see being underutilised is the space above the range hood. There’s almost always room for another cabinet up there, and every inch of storage space counts!

#3 Kitchen organisation tips are all making space: think about a self storage solution before you start

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of your kitchen organisation, you are going to need to get rid of things you don’t use anymore. This is always the most interesting part of the project too; often you’ll come across things you had completely forgotten about. And not all of them will be completely redundant – some might be in fine working order. So rather than throwing them out, why not consider a self storage solution? Self storage is ideal for freeing up space and keeping things that you do use, but not often.

#4 Organisation and order go hand in hand: store utensils with other similar utensils

Organisation is all about order; maintaining order in your drawers, cupboards and cabinets is essential. It’s easy too – simply stick to a theme. If you have a drawer for baking utensils, make sure that’s all you keep in there. Ordering everything effectively like this will allow you to access it all easily when you need it, and store it again easily when you’re done.

#5 Pull out pantries: the best kitchen organisation tips for space utilisation

We can’t always organise appliances and cabinets perfectly. Often, space utilisation is impeded a little by the actual layout of your kitchen. Although you can’t change the layout of the kitchen, you can work around it. And pull-out pantries are among the best kitchen organisation tips for this. They slot into very narrow spaces and they look great – so why not see if they will work for you?

#6 Think outside the square: a towel rail can be a useful place to hang things like saucepans

Finally, don’t overlook the role of creativity in your kitchen organisation project. Most of the time, the best storage solution is a creative one. For example, a strategically installed towel rail offers a great hanging space for bulky kitchen items like pans. And with lots of decorative rail styles to choose from, nobody will think twice when they look at yours.

If you simply need more space to help with your kitchen organisation, get in touch with More Space Storage!