How To Organise Your Storage Unit

If you have just shouted yourself a storage unit then congratulations! Organisation is clearly one of your strong points. But there is still more organisation to go. Getting a storage unit is only half the batter; the other half is packing it. If you pack your storage unit well, you will be able to enjoy its benefits to a much higher extent. You will be able to fit more in, it will look neater and it’ll be more accessible. And most importantly, you won’t be spending money on an unnecessarily large storage unit. So let’s look at a few tips on how to organise your storage unit effectively.

Start big: get yourself a sturdy set of shelves

It’s always a good idea to start with the basics. And what could be more basic than a good set of shelves? Your possessions can’t just stack on the ground, so you will need some shelves to help with your organisational odyssey. It’s easy enough to get them too—simply go to Bunnings or your local office supply store and pick some shelves you like. But don’t forget to measure everything up first. There’s nothing worse than buying yourself a great set of shelves and assembling them, only to realise that they’re too big or too small.

When people ask how to organise your storage unit, we recommend plastic & cardboard boxes

Now that your shelves are set up and ready to go, you can look at fine-tuning your storage unit organisation with plastic boxes. Plastic boxes are another of our favourite tips on how to organise your storage unit. They are cheap, but very effective. So take some time to assess your loose possessions. Your aim here should be to work out what size boxes you will need to store them all. Once you know this, go and get some boxes! Then, it’s just a matter of grouping your belongings together and storing them in themed boxes so they’re easy to find later on.

Another great idea to organise your storage unit is to use correctly labelled cardboard boxes. They serve the same purpose as a plastic box and are friendlier to the environment. Here at More Space, we not only provide the storage unit but also cardboard boxes to use in your unit!

When you’re organising your storage unit, think about what you are storing

When you’re focusing on how to organise your storage unit, it is easy to forget about what it is you’re storing. And that is an important thing to think about! Remember, some things need to be stored a certain way. Like leather for example; leather needs to breathe, but it also has to stay dry. Clothes also have to be stored a certain way to prevent mould and insect damage. Don’t worry though—we have some great advice for this as well.

How to organise your storage unit safely: never store heavy items above waist height

Organising everything to be neat and tidy is very rewarding. But you should never do it at the expense of your own safety, or the safety of others. That is why you should always store heavy items or boxes below waist height. There are a few reasons why this is so important. Firstly, it makes them easier to pick up safely. You can bend your knees and assume the correct lifting stance without any trouble. And secondly, there is no risk of heavy items falling on you as you try to retrieve them.

How to organise your storage unit neatly: buy tessellating containers for better space utilisation

Finally, we have one last little tip on how to organise your storage unit: tessellation. Tessellation is the key to space maximisation. Basically, tessellation means that you can utilise every available inch of storage space. The best way to do this is to get some square or rectangular boxes that are strong enough to stack on each other. The result will be a beautifully organised storage unit!

For your entire storage unit organisational needs, get in touch with More Space Storage. We not only have the best storage units but can also provide boxes, tape, mattress protectors and bubble wrap to assist you in organising your storage unit.