Organising your storage unit: 8 Ways to Best Store and Stack Items

Using your space wisely in a storage unit is essential to organise items in a way that they are easily accessible and so that you only pay for the size of the storage unit that you need. For this reason the storage specialists here at More Space explain some techniques to best store, stack and categorise your items when using self-storage facilities.

Remember if you smartly stack your items you can often use a smaller storage unit, which can save you considerably over the long term.

Will I be returning to my storage unit to get items regularly?

If you answered yes, then it’s wise to leave enough space to easily access your items. Depending on how much you have stored, this may mean a larger unit is needed. If however you won’t need to access items until you empty the storage unit, (e.g you are moving overseas) a smaller unit will suffice. If possible, leave a centre aisle to access belongings at the front and rear of the unit.

8 Guidelines for Storing and Stacking Items

1. Always store the largest items and furniture pieces first. It’s always easier to fit smaller boxes and items around the larger items.

2. Keep items that you may need to access towards the front of the unit.

3. Label the contents of each box on a side of the box which faces outwards.

4. Fill hollow items to maximise space. Chests of drawers, wardrobes and even washing machines can be used to store extra items.

5. Store fragile items like glassware, china and other breakables at a height that is easy to reach. Avoid stacking heavy items on top of these.

6. Stack boxes of the same size on top of one another with the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

7. Don’t store items vertically that have the potential to fall over. E.g paintings. If in doubt store it horizontally.

8. Some customers find it useful to create a diagram of where everything is located in their unit. This can be useful to tape to the wall and glance at when returning to the storage unit. It might seem like a lot of effort, but a packed and stacked storage unit can be difficult to find specific items, and you may be thanking yourself later.

There are also some wise reminders we explain about getting fragile and sensitive items ready for storage which we encourage our customers to think about. We also encourage our customers to ask questions and seek advice before storing – we’re the storage specialists and we’re here to help!

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