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Storage Gold Coast

More Space Storage is the ideal self storage Gold Coast solution. Our extremely competitive prices and helpful service have earned us glowing customer reviews and a reputation as the best value provider of self storage.

What makes us unique from the big national self storage companies? Our caring service. As a local, family-owned business, we have more than 25 years’ experience in the self storage industry. We keep our prices low and our service friendly, helpful and personalised.

Self Storage Gold Coast: Molendinar

Looking for cheap storage on the Gold Coast? We have high-quality, clean self storage facilities at Molendinar.


storage sizes

  • Small, medium and large storage units available
  • Friendly help with choosing the correct storage size
  • Indoor and outdoor storage units
  • Long or short term storage solutions available

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Packing Materials

  • Padlocks
  • Packing boxes in a variety of sizes
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping Butchers paper

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Storage Units Gold Coast - Book Now!

  • Affordable and secure Gold Coast storage
  • Flexible – no lock in contracts
  • 24-hour camera surveillance to protect your belongings
  • Secured gates with Pin Pad access and security lighting
  • Easy drop off and collection with vehicle access to all ground floor units

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Make A Payment

  • Direct Deposits
  • Visa card, Mastercard and debit cards
  • Automatic credit card deductions

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Storage Units Gold Coast - High-quality self storage facilities at extremely competitive prices. No ‘hidden charges’.

Looking for cheap self storage on the Gold Coast but not willing to sacrifice quality and cleanliness? At More Space Storage, our priority is to offer you a secure, clean storage unit which meets your needs, at a price which fits your budget.

Our scrupulously neat, pest-protected self storage units are located at Molendinar — the ideal choice to keep your belongings safe if you:

  • Renovate or sell your home
  • Downsize from a larger house
  • Declutter your living space
  • Move overseas for work
  • Go travelling interstate or internationally
  • Need commercial storage on the Gold Coast
  • Are a business owner who needs extra space for stock or business documents
  • Are currently experiencing family disharmony due to a death, divorce or separation and need space to store your belongings while you find your feet

Best of all, our service is helpful and personalised to you. Our friendly, efficient staff have more than 25 years’ experience delivering quality self storage Gold Coast solutions. Naturally, we’ve collected a lot of useful advice and handy storage tips in this time, which we’re happy to share with you.

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Storage Sheds Gold Coast: Why Store With Us?

Flexible & Affordable

  • Cheap Gold Coast storage sheds with no hidden charges
  • No lock in contracts —simply pay for the time needed
  • Personalised, accurate calculation of your storage needs — no paying for space you don’t need
  • Affordable weekly payment plans available
  • No cumbersome long-term leases

Simple & Convenient

  • Clean storage units with regular pest management
  • Available for just a few weeks or for a more permanent basis
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Flexible access hours to suit your schedule
  • Drive up facility makes drop offs and collections easy

Safe & Secure

  • 24-hour camera surveillance
  • Locked, gated facility with security lighting
  • Each storage unit protected with an electronic, individually coded keypad
  • Office and residence on-site
  • Insurance is available to protect your valuables

Personalised & Helpful Service

  • More than 25 years’ experience
  • Helpful advice on packing and storing your belongings safely
  • Friendly, efficient on-site staff available to assist 24/7
  • Reputation built on longevity and warm, personal service
  • Commitment to respecting our customers and their possessions

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Our Self Storage Gold Coast Locations

18 Barnett Place, Molendinar, Qld, 4214

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What our customers say about us

“Will definitely use your facilities again if I need storage. Excellent service over the past 9 years!”

- Wayne from Arundel

“You have been nothing but friendly, professional and flexible from the start and I thank you very much.”

- Tash from Mt Cotton

“I would like to say thanks for having a great shed and access at a reasonable price. You will definitely be our first call if we require a shed in the future!”

- Nick from Coomera

“I have used More Space Self Storage a number of times and they have always been wonderful to deal with. Not only are they the most affordable storage facility on the Coast, but they’re also the friendliest and always willing to help in any way they can. The storage facility itself is very safe and secure – I’ve never had any issues. And they’ve always had a shed size available to suit my storage needs and budget. More Space is absolutely the only storage facility that I would recommend to friends and family. I will use them again and again!”

- Ellie from Wongawallan

“I had this storage space for 15 years as I moved interstate. On my return I found the space to be in excellent condition almost dust free. When I vacated none of my 15 boxes needed new tape. The dresser looked like it had just been stored there. After all that time I did expect some deterioration and was very pleasantly surprised. The whole complex is very well maintained and I definitely would recommend you could store your precious cargo there with complete confidence. Thank you Nat and Ben.”

- Jan from Ashmore

“I have now been with More Space Storage for nearly a year and I will use them again in the future. I found the staff at More Space to be very friendly and always very accommodating and ready to assist. I always had piece of mind knowing that my high value products in my storage unit were safe and in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend More Space to anyone who is looking for that personal touch at a very competitive price.”

- Leon from Labrador

We are proud members of

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up for a storage unit?

Our sign up process for Gold Coast storage sheds is quick and easy. Simply bring along:

  • Photo identification (such as your driver’s license, passport, over 18 ID or student card)
  • Your completed storage agreement, which we can email to you, or you can simply fill this out on the spot at our office
  • A method of payment, such as credit card or debit card

What payment is expected at sign up?

We require a security deposit (refundable when you move out) and 4 weeks of storage unit rental in advance.

For payment, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, EFTPOS transactions, and direct bank deposits.

What items cannot be stored at More Space Storage’s facilities?

We cannot store any of the following items in our Gold Coast storage facilities:

  • Hazardous goods, such as poisons, petrol or chemicals
  • Illegal or stolen goods
  • Flammable or explosive goods, such as petrol tins, paint thinner, full gas bottles, chlorine or fireworks
  • Environmentally harmful goods
  • Perishable goods
  • Goods that may cause harm, such as firearms

What are your storage facilities like?

We have excellent self storage Gold Coast facilities at Molendinar.

Our Molendinar facility is a two-storey building with wide driveways. The second storey provides access to our smaller storage units.

Most of our Gold Coast storage units are insulated, dry and elevated off the ground. All storage units are kept immaculately clean with regular pest control and cleaning.

What is the security at your facilities like?

We provide secure storage on the Gold Coast with 24-hour camera surveillance and individualised keypad entry for each storage unit to protect your belongings. Our self storage facility at Molendinar is protected with secure gate access and security lighting and also has an office and residence on-site to ensure 24/7 security.

Are my goods insured while secured in your facility?

Insurance for your goods can be purchased after signup. Not all household contents insurance policies cover items stored away from home, so it’s best to check with your current insurer.

I am packing boxes for renovations or to move house. Do you have any advice?

Pack and label boxes room by room to make unpacking easier. This will also make it much easier to find items once your goods are in storage or when unpacking. Label all four sides of each box to make the box contents easy to identify once the boxes are stacked.

Wherever possible, fill boxes to capacity, as partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse. Don’t be tempted to store heavy items, such as books or tools, all together in one large box. Spread them throughout several, small boxes to balance out the weight and make them easier to handle and carry. Much kinder to your back!

I am storing clothing. Any advice?

Always wash your clothing before storing. Maximise your efficiency with the use of porta robe boxes and vacuum sealers to save space. In the long term, make sure to pack moth balls or naphthalene flakes in with your clothing to protect them from damage and mould.

I am storing an appliance such as a fridge, freezer or white good. Any advice?

Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly dry and clean before storing. While in storage, always leave the fridge door upright and slightly ajar. Don’t place any items inside your fridge or freezer, as the shelves and lining are easily marked. A roll of toilet paper left inside will keep moisture/mould at bay.

I am packing fragile goods, such as dishes, china or glassware. Any advice?

Protect fragile and breakable items by wrapping them individually in packing paper and placing them inside a box. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom, and the most delicate items on top. To prevent chipping and scratching, place a second layer of packing paper or bubble wrap in between fragile objects. Fill any gaps in the box with tissue paper, scrunched up paper or linen. Avoid using newspaper as the print can leave marks on items. To stop items from moving around, wrap items together using bundling film.

For extra protection, we recommend tucking a layer of bubble wrap inside the bottom and top of boxes to insulate them against any bumps or knocks. Label the cartons with fragile tape and do not stack heavy items on top of these boxes.

I am storing my mattress or couch. Any advice?

Always vacuum furniture upholstery before storing. We recommend using protective plastic covers to protect these items during transport. Once safely stored, it’s best to wrap your mattress or couch in old sheets rather than plastic to avoid condensation and mildew.

I want to store my table and chairs. Any advice?

Stack chairs on top of each other and store the table on its end to save space. If your table and chairs are timber, we recommend applying wax to the surface.

I want to store a mirror or painting. Any advice?

Protect delicate items, such as mirrors or artwork, by insulating them with bubble wrap and placing them in an upright position in a flat pack box.

I want to store electronic items. Any advice?

Ideally, store all electronic items in their original boxes. If this is not possible, use bubble wrap and individual, sturdy cardboard boxes. To avoid humidity damage, include silica packs or desiccant in the boxes.

Before storing a battery operated appliance or toy, remove all batteries to prevent possible leakage. Wrap small electrical items in bubble wrap and pack them into small boxes with labels. Seal the top of your boxes and fill any gaps with packing paper or linen.

I am storing a computer or TV. Any advice?

We highly recommend storing your computer or TV in its original box. If this is not possible, use bubble wrap and individual boxes. To provide extra protection, pack the top and bottom of the box with packing paper or linen. Ensure your TV or computer is positioned upright so it is not damaged by heavy items stacked on top.

I am storing a mower or machinery. Any advice?

All combustibles such as fuel and oil must be drained from machinery before storage. Clean any grass clippings off to reduce odours and place an old piece of cardboard or carpet underneath.

I am storing camping gear. Any advice?

Organise your camping gear into sturdy, see-through plastic containers for ease of finding. To avoid rust, clean your metal kitchen utensils gently, wipe them with a paper towel, and apply a fine layer of vegetable oil over the metal, before storing them in an air-tight container. Secure your tent and mattress in a bag.