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At More Space Self Storage, we understand that moving house can be a stressful time. Here is some useful information to help remove some of the stress!

General Advice for Packing Boxes and Storing:

  • Fill cartons to capacity as partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse
  • Pack bulky items such as books or tools in small cartons, so they are easy to handle (be kind to your back)
  • Pack and label cartons room by room to make unpacking easier (items will also be more accessible to find while your goods are in storage)
  • Label all four sides of each carton, so they are easy to find once stacked

Storing Appliances:

  • Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly dry and clean before storing
  • While in storage leave the fridge door slightly ajar (always leave upright)
  • Don’t place any items inside fridges or freezers, as the shelves and lining are easily marked

Dishes and Glassware:

  • Place a layer of bubble wrap inside the bottom and top of cartons containing fragile and breakable items
  • Protect fragile items by wrapping them individually in packing paper, fill any gaps in the box with scrunched up paper or linen (avoid using newspaper as the print can mark items)
  • Put a layer of packing paper in between objects to prevent chipping and scratching
  • Wrap items together with bundling film to stop them moving around
  • Label the cartons with “fragile” tape and do not stack heavy items on top of these cartons

Mattresses and Couches:

  • Vacuum furniture upholstery before storing
  • Protective plastic covers are recommended to protect these items during transport
  • Once safely stored it’s best to wrap in old sheets rather than plastic to avoid condensation and mildew

Tables and chairs:

  • Stack chairs on top of each and store table on its end to save space

Mirrors and Paintings:

  • Protect these items by packing with bubble wrap or in a flat pack carton
  • Store these items in an upright position (don’t lie them flat while in storage)

Small Electrical Items:

  • Wrap items in bubble wrap and pack into cartons
  • Seal the top of the cartons and fill any gaps with packing paper or linen

Battery Operated Appliances and Toys:

  • Remove all batteries to prevent possible leakage

Computers & LCD TV’s:

  • Original boxes are highly recommended, if not, use bubble wrap and individual cartons
  • Pack top and bottom of carton with packing paper or linen to provide extra protection
  • Pack LCD TV’s upright so they are not damaged by heavy items stacked on top

Mowers and Other Machinery:

  • All fuel and oil must be drained from all machinery
  • Clean any grass clippings off to reduce odours
  • Place an old piece of cardboard or carpet underneath

There are some items which are not suitable to be stored in your self storage unit.

Please ask our helpful staff if you’re not sure!

Things you can not store

  • Hazardous goods
  • Illegal or stolen goods
  • Inflammable or explosive goods such as petrol tins, paint thinner, full gas bottles or chlorine
  • Environmentally harmful goods
  • Perishable goods
  • Items which may cause harm such as firearms

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