2015 Moving Cheat Sheet


In November, we highlighted a few mistakes you can make when relocating your life. Before 2015 lands with a crash, we’ve decided to check off a list of moving must-dos to further speed you on your way. Whether this is the first time you’ve packed, pruned and taped your spare time into boxes, there’s a tip here for everybody, veterans and learners alike.  While the following cheats will certainly assist your moving mission, remember the cardinal rule – be calm. We’re not going to advise cashing in on the T-shirt craze, but channelling a calmed, rational outlook from day dot will help you get through the next few weeks and every week after.

The Cheat Sheet:

Start Early –

If your lease is up for renewal or you know you’re buying a house in the next few months, use this time to start rifling through your life and re-homing pre-loved clothes, toys, books etc at charity and second hand shops. When the time comes, you’ll have less to pack.

Research Suppliers –

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or compare prices. Don’t accept the first dollar amount from the first supplier you’ve contacted – check their reputation, view testimonials and chart their fees against the average in the area. You are not obligated to say yes just because you’re not confident enough to say no.

Don’t be Hasty –

You’d be surprised how many people know each other in specific trades, even when they’re separated by state lines or postcodes. While you’re ringing around and getting a feel for pricing, be pleasant and don’t accuse anyone of being a scammer – the charges often fit the service, and while prices will vary, there are a variety of influences that play into inflation. Be nice, even when saying no.

Be Logical –

Pack according to room order, not in bits and pieces. Tackling your home room by room will ensure the process remains as painless as possible, allowing you to make informed decisions about sentimental pieces or impulse buys – will you really use that boxing glove set you bought last year? It hasn’t even left the packaging! Don’t pack what you own – pack what you need and what you’ll use in your new home. You can re-clutter later.

Label Efficiently –

Packing according to room allows you to label your belongings in the most efficient way, directing certain boxes to areas of your new house. Avoid the mish-mash pile of boxes in the middle of your new lounge room at all costs – one box may be kitchen stuff, the other study bits and bobs. Write the room and the basic contents on a slip of paper, put it into a plastic sleeve and tape it to the box.

Do you have any cheats of your own? Let us know in the comments below.