4 Uses of Self Storage

Self storage is becoming more popular in Australia, for families and businesses that have belongings they are not able to store at their own properties. Self storage prevents clutter from piling up in our homes and offices, and gives us more space to live comfortably and freely. This article shows you four uses for self storage, so that you too can live an organised and efficient lifestyle.

1. Documents

Do you have a full range of documents that you have archived, but you need somewhere to store them? Self storage is fantastic for this, as the documents will be easily accessible if you need them, but they will not be taking up space in your office. Pack them up in archive boxes, organise them into categories, label them correctly, and you will soon feel on top of your paperwork.

2: Children’s gear

If you are planning on having more children, but not quite at this moment, keep a hold of all your children’s gear and place it in self storage until you are ready. Equipment for children can be bulky and cumbersome, so you will certainly not want it around your home if you are not using it on a daily basis. Items like cots, prams, strollers and toys can be very expensive, and you will actually save money if you pay for self storage, instead of needing to buy them all over again. You will also be pleased that you do not need to store these items in your home, where they will only take up unnecessary space.

3: Goods to sell

Many businesses work out of self storage units, because they do not have or need a shop front. They do however require storage to keep their valuable tools and or products to sell. Even if you do not have a business, your family will most likely be gathering items that are no longer used, but still have value. You can use a self storage facility to collect all of the items you want to sell, and when you are ready you can have a garage sale, advertise them online, or pass them on to second hand dealers. Keeping your goods to sell in a self storage unit will ensure that you keep your home or workplace tidy and uncluttered. We all need space to live, breathe and move!

4: Seasonal gear

Do you have equipment that is seasonal, such as children’s wading pools, linen, or sports equipment? Your family can use a self storage unit, to successfully store all of these items until they are needed again. If you only want to make the most of the water during summer, or the ski slopes in winter, then store your equipment away until the time comes when you use it again.