5 Self Storage Trends to Watch in 2017


Self storage has grown immeasurably from its fledgeling years. The dynamic nature of self storage services means that they are constantly appealing to new demographics. This is further improved by the expansion of the industry itself. As more and more homeowners and business owners turn to self storage, the industry is able to expand.

This means that self storage facilities are leaving their previous image as grungy and derelict behind. In place of this image, there is the modern self storage facility: one the is clean, secure and protected. A combination of self storage trends has contributed to this new and improved industry image. Five of the most prominent of these trends are listed below.

Modernised Self Storage

The modernisation of the self storage industry is one of the main driving forces behind its success. Improvements in technology have allowed self storage providers to enhance the security of their facilities. However, the modernisation of these facilities offers even more than security alone. Increasingly, self storage providers are modernising their facilities in an aesthetic sense. This creates a warmer, more contemporary appearance. Despite being of relatively little practical effect, these changes make self storage all the more enticing. The modernisation of self storage facilities is projected to continue throughout 2017. This will likely consolidate the already thriving industry.

Self Storage for Renters

Many Australians are currently choosing to rent. In light of the inherent complexities of buying in the current property cycle, this is often the best choice. However, renting often means that you will move from one house to the next as leases expire and more attractive options present themselves. As a result, it can be challenging to find a consistent storage solution for some of your belongings. To alleviate the costs associated with moving, many renters are allocating a small proportion of their rental budget to self storage. This allows them to access affordable and consistent storage for their less frequently used items. In the long term, this allows for them to save money on the cost of removals.

Self Storage for Professionals

Renting a shop or office space is not cheap. This means that retailers and professionals must often choose between space and location. Given the importance of professional presence and accessibility, location is usually given precedence. This means that many professionals are finding themselves without sufficient space to store all of their equipment or records. Increasingly, as a result, this demographic is turning to self storage. Self storage offers an affordable and accessible point of storage for surplus equipment or archived records.

Self Storage for Online Businesses

2017 is, without a doubt, the year of online businesses. Businesses of this nature are currently more pervasive than ever and, unlike conventional businesses, they do not require fixed premises. Online businesses operate entirely over the internet, so all they require is a site at which to store their product before it is shipped. Self storage has become a favourable alternative to expensive commercial spaces for these business owners. This trend has been an invaluable aspect of the self storage industry’s growth.

Self Storage for the Property-Savvy

In 2017, arguably more than ever, property investment is taking the reigns as an effective source of profit. As a result, many budding investors are turning to such practices as ‘flipping’ houses. This involves buying and restoring homes, before selling them for profit. Often, investors will live in these homes for six months or more. However, given that their residence in these homes is often short-lived, they require a stable storage space for many of their possessions. This is where self storage is instrumental—it is favoured by short-term investors, who contribute to the self storage industry.

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