6 packing materials for moving to protect your items

Organisation of items and smart is the key for any successful move. There’s nothing worse than arriving into your new abode and discovering things have been lost, broken or become otherwise damaged along the way. Here’s our list of 6 packing materials that you should include in your moving inventory to help  protect your belongings and make your move easier, safer and less stressful.

1.     Newspaper/Bubblewrap – If bubble wrap is hard to come by, newspaper can be a good alternative. Be wary of newsprint leaving marks on china and other surfaces like light coloured timber. Bubble wrap does provide extra cushioning and some items will need to be wrapped numerous times to provide extra protection.

2.     Cardboard Boxes: When it comes to cardboard boxes the more you can get the better. Don’t overload these. If possible use smaller boxes for heavier items like books to prevent these becoming too heavy. Always pack heavier items towards the bottom of the box.

3.     Foam Peanuts/Packing Polystyrene: These loose fill cushioning products are perfect for filling gaps between items and prevent items impacting each other during transport. If possible select the starch biodegradable products which are safe if ingested by pets and small children. These can be bought from Officeworks or Masters Home Improvement stores.

4.     Packing Tape – Packing tape keeps box flaps together and secure meaning you can avoid the bottom of the box dropping out – an absolute nightmare if there are break. Avoid masking tape instead use the brown paper tape for best reliability.

5.     Labels or Marker – Moving is made lots easier when you can know what is within each box without having to open it each time to check. Use labels or a permanent market to label the content in each box, or even better pack each box by room and label the room on the box accordingly.

 6.     Cling Wrap – Use this to bundle together items for convenience.  Cling wrap also protects against dust or moisture and is useful for longer periods. When items are bundled together they also take up less room in the box.

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