Best Ways to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit

Furniture is one of the most stored items. And it’s not hard to see why. Furniture is expensive, and often carries a lot of sentimental value. So you’re not going to want to throw it out. But it’s also bulky and it takes up a lot of space around the house. If you’re not using it frequently, self storage units are definitely the best option for storing furniture. But storage is an art in its own right. And storing furniture is no different. It’s not a matter of simply throwing it in and hoping for the best. Rather, storing furniture takes care, attention, and strategy. To help you store your furniture well, we’ve listed a few of the best ways to store furniture in a storage unit. With these tips, your furniture will store better for longer.

Storing furniture in a storage unit works best if furniture is prepared – here are the best ways to do so

The key to effective furniture storage is preparation. A lot of furniture is made largely from timber, and natural fibres such as cotton or leather. All of these products require care to store effectively in the long run. Take timber for example. If you leave timber in a cool, dry environment for years on end, it may store very well. But without the right preparation, it may also dry. That drying could then cause splits along the timber’s grain. The end result: irreparably damaged timber furniture. So how can you prevent that? Well, in the case of timber, get the furniture reconditioned before storing it. Or, even better, take a DIY approach! Provided there’s no major damage, you can usually restore timber furniture with ease. All you need is some sandpaper, and some varnish.

When you’re storing furniture in a storage unit, stacking is important. Here are the best ways to stack

In certain circumstances, the best ways to store furniture in a storage unit involve stacking. Stacking is something to be avoided if possible, though, as it can damage your furniture. But if you do need to stack, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do so. The first thing to consider when stacking furniture is safety; is there any chance your furniture could fall? As a part of that, you should never stack above shoulder height. When you stack, as well, you should ensure that heavier, flat items are on the bottom. That means things like tables, and heavy chairs should be the base of your stack.

Struggling to fit it all in your storage unit? The best ways to store furniture involve disassembly

Most furniture these days is flat packed for convenience. So why not use that to your advantage? If you have a whole lot of flat pack furniture that needs to go into storage, why not disassemble it? You’ve seen how well that works in the store, so take advantage of the convenience! All you need is some screwdrivers and Allan keys.

Furniture needs covering for long term storage in a storage unit – here are few good ways to do so

Dust and other such particles can slowly abrade your furniture. If it’s a cotton or other fibrous material, it can also penetrate deep into the furniture’s upholstery. That’s why a good cover is important. But not just any cover will do. We tend to steer clear of plastic coverings, and the reason is simple. Covering furniture with plastic wrap prevents it from breathing. That means mould and mildew can thrive, eventually degrading the upholstery of your furniture beyond repair. We think the best way to store furniture in a storage unit is under a cotton or linen drop sheet.

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