Clever Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

Small apartments are fast overtaking detached homes in terms of Australian popularity. And for the most part, that works for people. But what about storage? The one thing small apartments can’t offer in spades is storage space. That’s why living in small apartments means getting clever with your storage ideas. Of course, that’s easier said than done. The fact of the matter is this: our things can easily get the better of us, without the right help. Luckily, though, a push in the right direction is all we need to come up with some truly clever storage ideas for small apartments. So think of this list as just that: some inspiration to help you reclaim space around your unit!

With clever thinking, vertical spaces offer a lot in the way of storage ideas for small apartments

Storage is a creative exercise; the best way to do it is to recognise obscure spaces that can be used for storage. Often, that involves reframing the way you think of storage. If you’re like most people, storage is a largely horizontal affair. But it needn’t be! There is so much vertical space in every home that goes underutilised. Some such spaces include the inside of cupboard doors, empty wall spaces, and vertical nooks. With the right storage accessories, you can turn these spaces into small storage spaces for those items that never seem to fit anywhere.

Here’s a clever storage idea to keep clutter out of your apartments: a small entrance drop zone!

Clutter is the antithesis of good storage. It’s also present in basically every home. Let’s face it, clutter is hard to overcome. However, with some clever thinking and storage ideas, clutter can be managed in the smallest of apartments. One of our favourite ways to do so is the drop zone. The drop zone is a storage solution at your apartment’s entrance. It normally consists of a shelf, bench, or series of hooks on which you can place or hang things like keys, hats, coats, and umbrellas. This keeps those items from cluttering up your cupboards and shelves. And with the right accessories, it can really add to your home’s décor.

Clever cabinetry is key to storage ideas anywhere – especially small apartments

Clever cabinetry: most homes don’t have it, but all homes should! Clever cabinetry is basically one idea to maximise your storage space in a small apartment. It does so by recognising that cabinets aren’t a one size fits all solution. Some apartments are better suit to certain types of cabinetry than others. A great example of this is kitchen cabinetry. In smaller apartments, kitchen cabinetry can be easily obstructed by doors. Often, bespoke shelving is a more suitable and space efficient solution. However, few kitchens incorporate them. That’s why it might be worth casting an eye over your kitchen: are there any opportunities to improve its storage? If so, contact an expert and make it happen!

In small apartments, think in terms of square centimetres: every storage idea counts

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of reframing the way you look at storage. Well, this tip is one way to do so; it’s the basis of almost every clever storage idea for small apartments. Basically, good storage is about taking every square centimetre that’s available to you. We are all guilty of dismissing storage areas that are too small. But the truth is, almost all of them can become meaningful storage areas with the right accessory. All you need to do is put in the research!

Finally, get back to basics: self storage is always a clever idea if you’re living in a small apartment

Finally, let’s take a look at the storage idea to end all storage ideas: self storage! Self storage is the ultimate clutter buster – it removes all unwanted clutter from your home, but not your life. We know there are some things that belong in your life, but cause you a great deal of storage frustration. So why not put them away in an offsite location? With self storage, you can do that for a low price, and with high convenience.

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