Do you need long-term storage at Tweed Heads or on the Gold Coast?

Self-storage at Tweed Heads and on the Gold Coast is made easy with ABC Self Storage. Our storage options all have raised floors; they are clean and dry, are pest controlled and of course are extremely secure. We offer you a solution to your storage needs, and we are also always happy to offer advice and tips regarding storage ‘how to’s. Storing our possessions is more than a matter of packing things in boxes and placing them in a unit.

How to store your books

For certain items, there is special care that needs to be taken to ensure that they remain in good condition for the duration of the storage. Books may seem like easy items to put in a box and forget about. However, there are some important things to consider when storing books as they are easily damaged without proper packing. Read on for tips on how to store your precious books.

What causes damage to books in storage?

Books are prone to damage from staining, corrosion and mildew. The spines are also quite fragile. The Gold Coast and Tweed Heads and have some extreme temperatures and books are especially sensitive to heat. With careful packaging you can protect your books from these typical issues.

Clean your books before you pack them.

Packing dusty books is a bad idea; the dust can break down the paper over time. Clean each book before packing. All you need to do is hold the book shut, use a dry magnetic cloth and wipe the book over from the spine to the front and back cover. Also be sure that there are no bookmarks, small pieces of paper, or pressed flowers left between the pages. The acid from these items will damage the pages.

Use small boxes

It may seem tempting to stack large boxes full of books. Try not to do this. Smaller boxes are better. They are easier to move, and less likely to be damaged during the shuffling that can occur when packing up a storage unit. Heavier boxes tend to cause frustration and are more likely to be damaged.

ABC self-storage at Tweed Heads and on the Gold Coast is a secure option for your storage needs. For advice and information give our office a call on 07 5598 3355 or fill out our contact form and we will get right back to you.