End 2014 Clutter-Free: 5 Ways to Organise Your Home

Getting organised often tops the resolution roll after the New Year passes in a haze of celebrations. Instead of waiting for the year to end, rustle up some time on the weekend to start getting sorted, moving from room to room with an eye for clutter. Remember, if you haven’t used it in the last six months, it’s not worth having.

Minimise Distractions

Are you too busy? Too tired? Do you really need to sit on social media for another ten, twenty, thirty minutes before you start a project? Switch off your phone or turn it to silent, put the rest of the world on hold for a while, they can survive without you for an hour or two. Don’t get caught up in should I/ shouldn’t I self-argument, place a box in the doorway of your room and a rubbish bag at your feet, sorting rubbish from objects that are out of place without procrastinating over each decision.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Recruit the kids, housemates, partners, absolutely everybody to go through their own rooms. Little ones may need a bit of extra supervision, but putting the ball in their court can minimise time spent hmm’ing over old clothes and toys. This is a great time to take stock of old furniture and memories, collecting those pieces you’re not quite ready to let go of and putting them into self-storage. Anything that doesn’t make the cut can go to those who need it most through a local charity or church.

Clean It Up

De-cluttering and organising are closely related to the faithful seasonal clean; use a damp cloth to remove scuff marks from paintwork, give the carpets are thorough going over and makeover your tiles with a neutral pH treatment like baking soda. Wooden floors attract scratches and marks from even the most gentle furniture stumps, so remember to refresh furniture protectors every year.

Buy Less

The next time your credit card materialises, stop yourself and consider whether you really need the purchase – does it add to your life in meaningful way? Will you use it often? Are you following a trend? Really question why you need it.

Every Paper Has a Purpose

Even though most bills and accounts are paperless, we always seem to accumulate unexpected piles of records, invitations and sundry to contend with. Keeping records without letting take over your home can also be solved by self-storage, provided you use air-tight, weather proofed boxes. This way, your essential files will be housed in a secure location should the worst strike unexpectedly. Paper that doesn’t fall into this storage category should be shredded and disposed of as it comes into the house, preventing mountainous piles of stuff you don’t really need.