Guests for Christmas? Expert Tips to Clear Out the Spare Room!

It’s that time of year, yet again: Christmas! And it’s your turn to play host. Time to get cleaning! But the holiday season requires more than just your average vacuum and mop. You have relatives coming to stay, friends staying for lunch and people coming and going almost non-stop! You need to clear out the spare room. The one job that nobody wants – second only to clearing out the garage! So how do you do it? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Get a friend to help you clear out the spare room – who knows, maybe it’ll be fun!

When you first step into the spare room, expect that sinking feeling. After all, spare rooms are rarely a neat affair! What you need to do first is really break the back of the project. That means throwing things away. Time to be ruthless! But it’s easier said than done; most things in the spare room have memories attached to them. That’s why it is a good idea to bring in an impartial third party. Call in a close friend who can help bring some objectivity to your project. It will make it so much easier to let go of things, and you might have some fun while you do it!

Gotta clear out the spare room? Time to bring the label maker out of retirement!

If you have to clear out the spare room, you are only going to want to do it once. So why not think ahead? Don’t just make it clean for the Christmas period – implement a system of cleanliness. But how? Two words: label maker! It seems like such a simple step, but you would be surprised at its effectiveness. By labelling containers and storage compartments, you can make future cleaning an easy affair. Simply put your bits and pieces in the right box and you know where to find them in the future!

Now for the next step to clear out the spare room: filing cabinets and drawers

Not everything can be thrown away without a second thought. Some items have real sentimental value, and others are important. Take paperwork, for example. Old bank statements, financial documents, and other important information probably need to stay. But they can’t stay like they are – you’ve got people coming! Why not get a filing system happening? All it takes is a few filing cabinets and folders.

Go for space efficiency when you clear out the spare room – tessellating containers can help

When you’re perusing the aisles of your local homewares stores, what stands out most? Chances are, it’s the striking designer cabinets, boxes and baskets. They look great, and they are hard to go past. But think about their practicality. These things rarely stack well and often take up more space than they provide. Instead, you should look for tessellating shapes, so that you can really make the most of the space you have.

Still got some leftovers? Try self storage units!

So you’ve reached the end of your project. There seems to be nothing more you can do. But some clutter still remains. How can you get rid of it – you’ve exhausted your options! Well, not all of them. You can always go for an offsite storage solution, such as a self storage unit. Self storage units vary in size and they are suitable for a whole range of different budgets. They take the problem away from your home, for a small price. The best part: you get as much storage as you need, so you can clean the garage too!

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