Hiring a removalist who you can trust

Moving house can be one off the most stressful times in a person’s life. There is so much to organise, so many things to remember, and so many possessions you didn’t realise you had. This is why hiring a removalist who you can trust is essential for staying calm and keeping your sanity in good health. Here are some tips for hiring a professional who will get the job done and evoke your trust.


Be honest about your belongings

To achieve the correct quote from a removalist, and ensure that they turn up with the right sized van on the day, you will need to behonest about what you need to move. If you live in a one bedroom apartment, but it is filled as high as the ceiling with furniture and your belongings, your removalist might underestimate how much you actually own. They may spend more time than they need to, trying to arrange items so they fit inside their van. The more time they spend doing this, the more you will need to pay.

Protect specialty items

Some items need speciality removalists to ensure they are adequately protected. A piano is an example of this, so if you have one, you will be disappointed if you ask the average removalist to include it in their truck on removal day. Highly valuable items, such as expensive china and antiques, will need to be packed by a professional to ensure they do not break. Even if you do it carefully yourself, you may unpack the boxes at your new destination and find that items have  been broken – this will not even be the fault of the removalist if you did not safely pack.

Ask for testimonials

Choose a removalist who has a proven track record for success, and a long list of loyal clients who appreciate their work. Even though they may cost a little more, you may have greater trust in a removalist company that is well established and has testimonials from clients who are positive about their work. If other people are happy with them, there is a good chance you will be too.

Communication is essential

Communication should be professional from the very first time you make contact with a removalist. Hire a company that makes you feel safe with them, because they communicate clearly and respectfully and appear to be knowledgeable about their work. If there is unprofessionalism from the start, it will most likely continue throughout the job. So, make contact with removalists in your area, and choose the one who earns your trust the most.

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