How Much Does Self Storage Cost On The Gold Coast?

Don’t throw away your treasured possessions! If you want to keep ’em, you should just store ’em! Moving house? Planning to travel? Storage will keep your stuff safe and sound. What you don’t realise is that you keep all your precious stuff; there’s no need to let strangers haul it away for pennies. Self storage costs are more affordable than you may think!

Benefits of self storage

The benefits of self storage may surprise you and the costs of storing your precious things may delight you!

Affordable – You can clear an entire room’s worth of contents for as little as $20 per week! For $20 a week (that’s less than you spend on coffee right?) you can hit the ground running when you find your “forever home”.

Organised – Clear out the clutter, clear out the mind and streamline your workplace! Getting clutter-free is liberating, inspiring and better for your health and safety. Find your happy place without having to ditch your favourite cluttery items.

Flexibility – Move in, move out, upgrade, downsize. Your self storage is your stuff’s home, and it can come and go as it pleases!

Access – Self storage offers the added benefit of convenient access to your bits and bobs at times that suit you.

Security – Lock and key security – nobody can get into your storage without your permission. It’s safer than your attic or your spare office. Fire, flood, pestilence, identity thieves… whatever your epic challenges, self storage is the best option.

The cost of storing your goods here on the Gold Coast doesn’t have to be prohibitive. There are affordable storage options on level lots that are pest and nuisance free . The last thing you want is for your sentimental items being damaged by rain or vermin. Even priceless memories can be stored at bargain prices!

What is $20 in the grand scheme of things?

• It’s 1/50th of a decent new couch!

• It’s 1/60th of a new fridge

• It’s one easy way to avoid being summonsed to the tax office for missing records!

• It’s keeping your grandmother’s tea service safe – or your child’s first artworks

• It’s keeping that pool table from your university days, for when you have the man cave of your dreams. You can never put a price on a man cave with a pool table!

The affordable self storage cost allows you to stay in control of your life, your stuff and your sanity! Don’t throw happy memories and boring paperwork away, store it – it’s simpler and more affordable than you think.

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