How to avoid humidity damage when storing items

Here in Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast, humid temperatures can wreak havoc with our items, especially during the warmer months. As storage facilities and units can get particularly hot and stuffy, it’s important to think about what you store and how you store these items.

The good news is that if you’re using a storage facility there are a few basic rules and strategies to prevent humidity damage to your items which we outline in this post.

What damage can humidity do to items?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that humidity and moisture in the air can cause some items to swell or expand. Humidity is also responsible for mildew and mould growth which can degrade furniture and clothes.

Which items are most at risk from high humidity?

Some items are more prone to damage from moisture and humidity. These include:

•    Leather furniture

•    Wooden items

•    Musical instruments

•    Picture frames, paintings and photographs

•    Clothing

•    Electronic items

•    Items made from plasterboard or chip board.

How can I prepare my items for storage in a humid climate?

Take the garage test. If it’s an item that you would store in your garage then the chances are you’ll also be able to store it safely in your storage unit too since it’s essentially a similar climate. Before storing items it’s a good idea to:

•    Wipe them down and clean them since dirt and any food or drink residue increases the chance of mould growing. Use a disinfectant for this and make sure items are completely dry before they go into storage.

•    Clove oil (diluted in water) will prevent mould on cloth surfaces and is useful to spray in boxes before closing.

•    Store sensitive items in boxes by leaving a gap in the centre if possible and limit the amount of items stored on top of one another to increase air flow

•     Cover any furniture or mattresses with a plastic sheeting to stop any moisture being absorbed into the upholstery and mildew growth. Leather furniture needs to breathe so they should always be kept clean and uncovered.

•    Keep sensitive items father away from the door than less items which are less at risk.

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