How to choose the right storage unit

You have decided you want to store all or some of your belongings; however, you don’t know what size of storage room to get? In today’s article, we aim to help you choose the right storage unit. Here at More Space we are always looking into ways to help our customers and anyone in need of some guidance. We hope this article points you in the right direction! Happy reading!

How frequently are you planning on visiting your storage?

If you think you might open your storage regularly and go through the boxes and furniture stored, you want to make sure you have a unit with enough free space to allow you to walk through the storage unit easily. It is better to get a large size storage unit when you are going to visit the storage regularly.

What are you storing?

If you are planning to store only boxes, you can go for a small to medium size unit; depending on the amount of boxes. Boxes are easy to stock up and they don’t need a lot of space; however furniture, white goods and other belongings take more space. If you have a box and furniture to store, we recommend a bigger size.

For how long are you planning to use the storage rooms?

If you need a long term storage room, you should consider getting a big storage just in case you bring more furniture and boxes in the future. However, if it is only a short term solution, get a storage that fits only the belongings you have initially planned to store.

If you still have more questions that we haven’t answered please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 5598 3355 or send us an online enquiry. We are here to help!