How To Make the Most of Garage Storage

Whereas once the garage was viewed as simply a place to store your car and items you rarely used, these days it often doubles up as a place for much needed day-to-day storage. However, garages can, unfortunately, be the last room in the house that’s kept in order. What’s the saying? Out of sight out of mind!

This time of year is perfect for some spring-cleaning, so in order to give you a little more motivation; here’s how to make the most out of your garage storage.

#1 – Wall tool holders

When it comes to garage space saving hacks, look no further than your walls for organisation space. Garage hangers come in all shapes and sizes – bigger versions are perfect for things like garden hoses, and smaller versions are perfect for tools like hammers, screwdrivers and spanners.

Heavy-duty hooks can also work for things like ladders and even your wheelbarrow, and the best part about this type of storage is that it’s fully customisable!

#2 – Shelf brackets

Shelf brackets designed to support clothes hanger rods aren’t just for wardrobes, they’re also a fantastic garage storage idea. Use them as the frame for your wall-attached shelving and the hook is the perfect home for longer tools, including electrical equipment like leaf blowers and whipper snippers.

#3 – Stackable bins

Probably one of the easiest garage storage hacks is to use the space from the floor to the ceiling with a range of stackable bins-with-lids. If you invest in some similar sized shelving that’s vertical, bins can easily be slid in and out of the shelves, providing easy access to bins on the top as well.

#4 – Adjustable shelves

Considering that many of us store a lot of not-often-used items in the garage, it’s worth investing in some decent shelving to keep items out of the way. Hardware stores offer lots of ready-made options that are durable and adjustable so that you can store things at different heights.

If you have bulkier or rarely used items like Christmas decorations, it can be a smart move to invest in a self-storage unit. This will allow you to free up lots of valuable space in your home and give you the flexibility to access the items, exactly when you need them. 

#5 – Pegboard holders

In terms of garage storage solutions, pegboards (boards that have a regular pattern of small holes for pegs) are a tried and true solution. You simply attach a timber frame to a wall, mount your pegboard onto the timber making sure the frame is flush with the edges of the pegboard, place pegs into the holes and hang away!

In order to be even more organised, use a black marker to draw around each tool. That way you’ll know where their rightful place is when it comes time to re-hang!

#6 – Vertical rack storage

Things like rakes, shovels and brooms are a little awkward to store and sometimes it’s tempting to just throw them against the wall. However, all you need is a simple shelf with grooves cut along its length and you simply slide tools into the grooves, ready to use!

Another garage storage hack worth considering is to attach a few pieces of PVC to a board that’s attached to your garage wall. Perfect for long-handled tools, if you drill the PVC at the perfect reachable level, they’ll be even easier to access!

#7 – Bike storage

If you are a keen cyclist, then no doubt you’ll want to store your bike in a safe but handy place. There is a range of innovative garage storage solutions out there, including bicycle hoists, and hooks mounted on glides. These are a great option in terms of saving space as well because the hooks slide back and force, so bikes can be nestled together neatly and slid closer to the wall.

However, they can be expensive, so a more economical option is to build a simple shelf onto one wall of your garage and rest the top bar of the bike frame on it. The shelf space above it can then be used for storing bike accessories like your water bottle, bike lock and your helmet.

#8 – Fishing rod storage

If you’re someone that likes to fish, then you probably have multiple fishing rods that need to be stored in good condition. And that’s certainly not just throwing them into a corner! In terms of garage organisation, there are a variety of solutions including horizontal rod racks mounted on brackets, and fishing rod stands that will store your rods vertically. You can also consider renting a self-storage unit, which will provide a convenient place to store your fishing gear, with easy pick-up when you’re ready to go on a fishing trip. 

#9 – Outdoor storage

Separating your garden tools from the rest of the equipment in your garage is as easy as investing in a compact cupboard or mini-shed that’s weather-proof, durable and lockable. This clever organisational hack may just motivate you to get into the garden more – which is a fantastic way to get outdoors in spring!

#10 – Rent a self-storage unit

Have you taken on some of our garage space saving ideas, but still need more room? Here’s the ultimate space saver: rent a self-storage unit.

Renting a self-storage unit will free up a huge amount of garage space, particularly if you’ve got larger items that absolutely need to be stored in your garage, like cars and bikes, amid items that you really only use occasionally, which would be perfect for a self-storage unit.

Spring cleaning weather is definitely upon us, but are you finding it difficult to get your garage in order? Get in touch with the storage specialists at More Space for more great tips on self-storage units, decluttering and minimalist living!