How To Safely Store Belongings Before You Renovate

Renovations are a logistical feat to be admired! The planning that goes into each stage of a successful renovation is almost unbelievable. But there’s one aspect that goes overlooked too often: how does one safely store belongings during the renovation period? The answer: Self Storage. Self storage is the best way to free up space for your renovation. However, it is about even more than that. It’s also about protecting your belongings. Some aspects of standard home renovation are not exactly delicate. So if your belongings are, the chances of damage are high. Our advice: get your stuff out of the house for a while – send it all on holidays to a secure self storage unit. And here’s what you need to know before you do.

Why is self storage during renovations so important?

Let’s start from the top: why is self storage during a renovation so important? There are actually a whole host of reasons. Firstly, it keeps your stuff safe and out of harm’s way. Secondly, it frees up valuable space around the house! Anyone who has done a renovation before will tell you that space quickly runs out, between piles of new tiles and stacks of tools, equipment and even discarded bits and pieces. With self storage, you get more space where you need it: at home, where your renovation is! Thirdly, self storage is secure. If you are undertaking a complete renovation bonanza, your home’s security may be compromised for a little while. So getting your prized possessions off site for a while can really improve their security.

Here’s how to prioritise your belongings while you renovate – don’t pile everything into self storage

So we’ve established that self storage before a renovation is important. But before you race off to pile all of your things into a self storage unit somewhere, let’s talk priorities. At the end of the day, not everything needs to go into self storage. By finding the right balance, you can keep your costs down, and really get the most out of your self storage unit. So what should go into self storage before a renovation, and what shouldn’t? Generally, if it stands a chance of being broken or damaged by dust, vibrations, or frequent movement, it should go into self storage.

When you renovate, dust is inevitable: Use self storage to protect delicate electronics!

On the topic of dust: be prepared for a lot of it! Renovations generate almost unfathomable amounts of dust. Essentially, everything you own will be covered in it. For most things, that’s no big deal. But for electronics, dust can be a showstopper. It gets into all the delicate components and wreaks havoc. We suggest playing it safe and sending your electronics on an all expenses paid trip to self storage, before your renovations starts.

The garage might seem like an appealing self storage option, but you need that space to renovate!

Speaking of all expenses paid, surely the garage is a cheaper option than self storage? Well, yes – in the short term maybe. But chances are, your garage is going to be dedicated to renovation materials and equipment. Garages are the first in line when it comes to renovation storage, and they tend to fill pretty quickly with all the tools and materials you need for a successful renovation. That means they lack the space for your other belongings, and they are just as likely to fill with dust and debris. Our advice: stick with self storage for the stuff you really value!

Self storage during a renovation is the only way to safeguard your belongings against damage

Renovations are great. But they effectively turn your home into a temporary construction site. And at the end of the day, a lot of household items simply don’t thrive in that sort of environment. So play it safe and play it simple: self storage is the best bet for your bits and pieces.

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