How to store furniture in your Self Storage facility on the Gold Coast P.2

Last month we shared with you a few tips to help you store your furniture at your self storage facility on the Gold Coast. Today we would like to continue to share with you a few more tips you might find helpful when you are preparing to store some of your belongings at a storage facility. Storing your belongings properly is very important if you want to maintain them properly and avoid any kind of damage caused by moisture or dust.

Glass tabletops and mirrors

When you are storing anything with glass after wrapping with paper or bubble wrap, make sure you mark an “X” on the outside packaging. The reason why we recommend this is because if you want to move things around and would like to take something home, you’ll be able to identify all your belongings with glass and take extra care with them


All computers should go into their original boxes with all the cords, modems, speakers, microphones, all wrapped individually. If you don’t have their original boxes, try to find a similar size box and store them there. Wrap individual items in paper for protection.

Metal Items

If you have metal items, we recommend you polish them to prevent oxidation. If your furniture has any type of metal in it, apply a light coat of lacquer after you polish it. This will protect them from oxidation and discolouring.

White Goods

All white goods such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dryers and washers should go against a wall. Don’t forget to leave the doors slightly open to allow air to move and avoid a musty smell from developing. Placing a roll of toilet paper in fridges works a treat.

Wrap cords tightly and stick them to the back of the appliances. If you are storing washers or dryers, make sure you remove the hoses, clean them and place them carefully inside of them.

We hope this helps you store your belongings at your self storage unit on the Gold Coast! If you have any questions for us just give us a call on (07) 5598 3355 or visit our website.