How To Store Scarves

If you’re in one of Australia’s colder cities (looking at you, Melbourne), and are a particularly trendy person who happens to have accumulated a lot of scarves, you might be wondering how on earth to store them. They aren’t a neat pair of shoes that you can slot into a spare gap, but 70 inch lengths of fluffy fabric that when slung together in a drawer, start to look like a nest of psychedelic anacondas.

In this article, we’ll show you how to store scarves the easy way, with a few different storage options.

1. Get yourself a scarf rack

If you have the space, scarf racks are one of the most practical scarf storage ideas. You can quickly grab one on your way out, and there’s no need to fold them when you come home (unless you want them to be perfectly uniform).

Scarf racks tend to come in two shapes: horizontal racks that use hooks or a single bar, and vertical racks that flow downwards and allow scarves to be “stacked.” Horizontal racks are great if you only have a few scarves—you can quickly grab what you need, and easily put it back. Vertical racks are a little more fiddly, as you’ll need to tuck scarves behind other scarves, but these types of racks allow you to store lots more scarves, so are ideal for unapologetic scarf hoarders.

2. Get yourself a scarf organiser

Racks aren’t the only way to organise scarves. Our capitalist economy produces scarf organisers of all various shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, which can be easily purchased online. Googling “scarf organiser” will reveal customised hangers with loops (scarf hangers), sheets of hanging material with metal holes sewn into them, tree-shaped stands, plastic dividers that slot into your drawer, and a whole lot more. There’s plenty of scarf organisers to choose from online, so you’re certain to find something that suits your scarf collection, space, and aesthetic.

3. Use scarf hangers

Scarf hangers are essentially customised hangers that allow you to hang multiple scarves. Their design is limited only by the designer’s imagination—there’s five-scarf hangers that snake their way downwards, hangers whose “arm” is a row of loops, geometric-shaped hangers that accommodate ten or more scarves while looking awesome, and a mishmash of all these designs to create something truly odd, but practical nonetheless.

4. Make a homemade solution

If you’re into arts and crafts, why not fashion yourself an awesome homemade solution? You can purchase some little round boxes and arrange them in a grid in one of your drawers, before rolling up your scarves and placing them inside. You can purchase yourself a few fancy handles and hammer them into a row on your wall. If you have more scarves than you can count, you can create a “clothesline” that extends the length of your bedroom wall, and fill it with scarves to create an explosion of colour. Or if you’re on a budget, repurpose one of the box dividers that come with cartons of alcohol. There’s plenty of great, cheap homemade solutions, if you use your imagination.