Looking for Storage?

Looking for a secure, clean storage unit to hire can sometimes be daunting as you can’t be a 100% sure of how your belongings are going to be stored and looked after; if they are being looked after at all. However you don’t have to worry any longer, we at More Space have been trading since the 80’s and have a good understanding of people’s needs when it comes to storage Tweed Heads. We believe that adding a personal, helpful touch to all our business interactions is essential.

Our high quality storage solutions are clean and secure; every unit has raised floors and are frequently checked for pests. Having a pest-free storage unit is important to keep our customers belongings in optimum condition. To ensure all storage facilities are secure, we have secure gating and security cameras. We are committed to our customers and understand how important it is to keep their belonging safe and clean.

Throughout the years, we have shown to our customers a commitment to respecting their possessions and offering the best storage solution. Furthermore, we are not only committed to the security and cleanliness of our facilities but also to our prices. We pride ourselves on offering the best storage facilities at affordable prices. We don’t compromise our storage by having lower prices; we believe that it is possible to keep low prices and high standards at the same time.

Unlike many others storage facilities that come and go throughout the years, we have been working with happy customers and continuous high rates of occupancy ever since we started the business. Our storage Tweed Heads is unquestionably the best option in the market if you are looking for safe and clean storage facilities with a friendly and helpful service. Call us at (07) 5598 3355 to find out more about our services and storage solutions!