Moving tips from More Space

One of the most common reasons people use our self storage at Tweed Heads/Currumbin on the Gold Coast is because they are moving house and need somewhere to keep their possessions for a short time. This is quite a stressful time for some people, and during times of stress some of the most basic requirements can be forgotten. We have put together a moving house checklist in the hopes that we can remind you of something you may have forgotten.

ABC self-storage Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast: Moving house checklist

• Remember to book your self-storage.
• Arrange for your carpets, windows and blinds to be cleaned. Make a booking well in advance to ensure that these little chores can be done in a timely manner.
• You will need to disconnect your electricity and gas.
• Don’t forget to arrange to move your phone and internet service to your new address, or to cancel it if you are going somewhere that you won’t need it. Moving a telephone line can take longer than you might think, so be sure to be on top of this one early.
• Get your mail re-directed. You can do this by filling out a form from the post office.
• If you get the newspaper delivered, remember to get that redirected or stopped.
• Let your bank know that you are moving, and what your new address will be.
• Your driver’s license and registration address will need to be changed with the Department of Motor Transport.

If you can remember to do everything on the list above your move will be much easier. Call us to take care of the first job on the list, which is to book your self storage in Tweed Heads/Currumbin on the Gold Coast. You can reach us on (07) 5598 3355 .