Quality Self Storage

Did you just realise you have too many things lying around your house? Are you realising you don’t have enough space for all your belongings? Feeling conflicted because you don’t want to throw them away is something we have all gone through. However there is no need to keep spending time and effort in choosing what should go or trying to figure out how to fit everything in any more. Here at More Space we provide high quality storage Tweed Heads and we assure you they are safe and we will preserve your belongings in optimum conditions for as long as you’d like.

We are an experienced storage business with over 25 years of experience located at the Gold Coast. Because of our experienced gained throughout the years we can assure you, we know how to deliver friendly and efficient services as well as secure and clean storage units.

Our lot consists of one floor, which makes it easy for our customer to access their facilities when they need to load and unload their possessions. This also makes it easy for customers to access their unit by car or foot.

It is very important to us to be able to provide storage facilities that are safe, pest-free and clean. For this reason we have not only have a secure gating system but also 24/7 working security cameras. What makes us even prouder of our services is that we are able to provide all of this, at the most affordable price without compromising our services or facilities.

Our business is not like other storage companies; we know our customers and are always available and more than happy to give them advice and help whenever they need us. Stop accumulating things and hire a storage unit! If you would like more information on our storage Tweed Heads visit our website or call us at (07) 5598 3355.