Secure storage on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

Our possessions mean a lot to us. They hold precious memories of people and places and they remind us of times gone by. So, it goes without saying that when we can’t keep our possessions close to us, we want to know that they will be safe and sound while we are away.

We pride ourselves on providing you with options for secure storage in Gold Coast/Tweed Heads. We have been taking care of precious possessions for 25 years and we are members of The National Storage Association. Your stuff is safe with us.

Your benefits with our self-storage options

When you choose to store your belongings in one of our units you will receive a top quality and personalised service. When you choose us you will get:

•    A completely secure storage space
•    A high quality facility with a raised floor
•    A pest controlled environment
•    A storage unit that is clean and dry
•    Great pricing
•    An honest and friendly service
•    Short and long term options for your storage needs
•    Secure gating
•    Security surveillance

A few things to consider when you are storing your possessions

Think about how often you will be returning to your storage unit to retrieve items or add things to the unit. Take into consideration that you may need space to be able to walk in and out freely. If there are things you will need access to more often place them where you can get to them easily. Trust us, we know better than anyone how frustrating it can be to have to shimmy into nooks and crannies, or clamber over piles to find items. We have plenty of advice about storage and we are happy to answer any questions you have about secure storage options in Gold Coast/Tweed Heads. Give us a call, we are very friendly and we love to chat!