Self Storage Ideas for Families

A funny thing happens when you start a family. As they grow, your home shrinks. You also suddenly find yourself inundated with stuff: the accoutrements of parenthood. Cots, bassinets, high chairs and toys. You’ve had to relegate your own treasures to high shelves and locked cupboards. You don’t want to lose the stuff that means so much to you. Trying to keep it safe when there’s sticky, inquisitive little fingers nearby seems like a futile exercise. Wouldn’t you be relieved to find a safe, secure and accessible storage solution for your precious things and all of the kid paraphernalia that you’re tripping over? Here’s our 5 top ways your family can use self storage to free up some precious space in your home.

1. Making room for the baby

The increasing population density of South-East Queensland means that the great Australian dream of the quarter acre block is fading fast. Smaller homes and apartments are fast becoming the norm. Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a home with more than two or three bedrooms, let alone one with ample storage. That’s where self storage comes in! The arrival of a new baby often means that a spare room isn’t spare any longer; it’s a nursery. In the rush to make room for baby, you can be faced with the headache of trying to find a new home for the things you used to keep in the spare room. You might also need to clear the decks for the inevitable flurry of nesting activity: The sorting and the sanding. The painting and wallpapering. A perfect, affordable solution is nearby. Self Storage allows you to keep your belongings off-site but close to home. You can easily access them when it’s convenient to you, allowing you to prepare for your most precious arrival.

2. Store the mess

Kids can be pretty efficient at making a mess. That statement piece, a previously pristine white leather sofa you saved for months to buy before you had kids might be one of the first casualties. It could finish up looking like a Vegemite zebra in a petting zoo. Now that’s a statement.

You’re bound to have some precious or sentimental items that you want to pass on to your children. That heirloom vase you inherited from your Grandmother? It might be headed for an untimely end if your cheeky toddler gets his or her hands on it. Keeping the good stuff safe until your little ones are old enough to appreciate its value is not easy.

You might want to start a Hope Chest for your children, putting aside these irreplaceable items. You can also use your self storage unit to start storing the things they’ll need when they eventually fly the nest. Self storage allows you to put your most precious belongings in a secure, dry, and easily accessible location, safe from prying, sticky hands.

3. Making room for your family to grow

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision as to whether your family is complete. If you haven’t yet decided whether you’ll go back for round two, (or three or four) you might want to store those expensive, big-ticket items somewhere safe in the meantime, just in case. The cot, change table, bassinette, car sets and play pen are extraordinarily bulky. They needn’t take up room in your home. Self storage is a great option for these things when you’re short on space.

4. Making it all disappear (into self storage)

Most kids get to a certain age and start looking in all of the places they aren’t supposed to. Unfortunately, they’re experts at sussing out the secret spots that are your go-to places for hiding Christmas and birthday presents. That’s not an issue anymore if you have a self storage unit. You can take advantage of the mid-year sales and safely stash your haul of gifts…And your Christmas decorations. Sit back and enjoy the perplexed expressions on their faces as they find…absolutely nothing.

5. Making room…to move

As your kids grow up, you might outgrow your home and decide that a move to a new address is called for. You need a storage strategy to tackle the inevitable open-for-inspections that come with putting your house on the market. There’s only so much junk you can throw in a closet before it pops open and reveals all. If you want to present your home in the best possible light, self storage is a great option. An uncluttered home looks bigger and more inviting to prospective buyers. Buyers want to be able to picture their furniture and belongings in your home. Your stuff gets in the way. A small investment in self storage can help you achieve that streamlined and uncluttered appearance that will secure you the best price possible for your property. Self-storage is also a great option during a move as it allows you to pack, stack and store your belongings ready for transport.

A perfect, affordable and accessible solution to all of your family’s storage needs is surprisingly close by…The self storage hope chest that is More Space Storage.

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