Self Storage – Your Room Away from Home

People might ask what the benefits of renting a storage unit are when compared to leaving items with friends or relatives. The answer here is flexibility. You are renting the space it’s all yours so you can do with it what you want with it (with a few exceptions, no illegal activities, living in your unit or loud parties please!)

At More Space we understand that you need a storage solution that will work for you to minimise the hassle of moving and storing – as we know it’s a stressful enough process as it is. We explain the value of a storage unit and how they can work for you in this post.

Self-Storage and BusinessA storage unit can also make the perfect business partner. For people who run their own business, a storage unit can be the ideal place to store company financial records that need to be kept for tax, marketing materials, extra inventory and other documents.  It can also help solve distribution needs.

Access your unit on your own terms – Self storage units also allow users to come and go when they please with their own key. This means that unlike leaving your items at friends or relatives, no-one can access your items but you. CCTV cameras and fencing surrounding the storage facility further enhance the security of your belongings. With a storage unit you can reclaim that spare room in your home and use it for a study or a spare bedroom like it was originally intended.

 Flexible Storage Terms – We offer flexible storage terms so you are not locked into a lease or any agreement. This means if circumstances change, you only pay month to month for as long as you need the space. Of course if you know how long you will need the unit for you can pay also pay in advance should you need to (e..g people moving overseas)

Different Size Units  At More Space we offer storage units in many dimensions with prices matched accordingly. This means you only pay for the space you need. With small storage units starting at only 20 dollars a week, we are one of the most affordable facilities in Queensland.

It’s your storage unit and your space. We understand this requirement for people looking for a good storage facility. Stop searching: we are that facility you’ve been looking for! Call More Space today on (07) 5598 3355