Self Storage Tweed Heads: Choosing the best storage unit

Hiring a self storage unit can be useful in a number of ways; self storage units are perfect for storing your possessions whilst on holidays, moving house or even just making space in your home. There are a few things that you ought to consider when choosing a self-storage facility, however, as many factors can contribute to the quality of a storage unit and the value for money you receive as a result. Many of these factors are often unique to certain areas and this is no different for the Tweed Heads region; for example Tweed Heads is a coastal area, with distinct periods of rain, which means you need storage that can protect your belongings from water damage. Suitable and good quality self-storage facilities will offer units that account for these factors and because of this, it is important to assess your options and the features of any prospective self-storage facility.

Consider the items you are storing

The foremost priority in selecting a self-storage unit, is choosing one in which any items of value will be safe. Being a coastal town, the Tweed region is home to many holiday homes and these can be vacant for months at a time, which poses a potential threat to the security of any possessions that are left inside. The same can be said for items of value that are left in residential home – particularly when they are left in garages or sheds – although having a permanent resident is somewhat of a deterrent to criminals. To safeguard against theft, you should choose a storage unit that is positioned within a secure facility, with a number of security measures in place including CCTV.

Security is not the only advantage of self-storage, however. It is not uncommon for heirlooms, keepsakes, documents and other such items to occupy a great deal of space in your home. Moving these items to a self-storage unit is a cheap method by which to regain space in your home and ultimately create a neater and tidier home environment. Many of these possessions are prone to damage, however, and because of this it is important to select a storage unit that is safe from potentially damaging factors such as rainwater leaks, insects and rodents – all of which are potential threats in Tweed Heads.

Things to look for in a storage unit

To address some of the problems associated with storing goods for a long period of time, it is prudent to examine a number of features in any prospective storage facility, before committing to a storage solution.


Security is important when storing goods offsite – particularly when the items in question are of high value or importance. A good self storage unit will have security safeguards in place and these range from sturdy, high quality locks and CCTV, to security patrols and onsite attendants. Inquire as to the security protocol of a self-storage facility before committing.


Self-storage units that are constructed in a flimsy or substandard manner pose a number of threats to your possessions. Security is inherently compromised by poor construction; people or pests – including rodents or insects – can easily get in and potentially damage your stored items. Additionally, heavy rain might enter a poorly built or maintained storage unit and damage its contents.


For reasons of practicality, it is important to choose a self-storage facility that is easily accessibly, so you can retrieve your possessions when you require them. Ideally, you would choose a storage unit that is directly accessible by car. This allows you to load and unload heavy or cumbersome items with ease and without risking potential injury or damage to your belongings.

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