12 Situations Extra Storage Can Come in Handy


We’re always interested to learn how many different reasons our clients here at More Space have for needing a temporary storage solution. The benefit of flexible storage is that because you can store all types of goods, and for different periods of time there is a lot of variety in what people store, and the reasons why they need to store.

Many of them have used self-storage before through different stages of their life and aware of the benefits. However if you have never thought about renting a storage unit before, here are 12 different reasons when storage can be great solution during life’s changes. 

1.     Moving house is the number one reason a storage unit can become a life saver. Perhaps there is less space in the new place due to downsizing and the items will be held temporary to assess what will be kept.

2.     During renovations self-storage can be a good solution to protect items that could get knocked or damaged or to clear spaces that are getting remodelled.

3.     A death in the family can be another period when people look to storage to keep furnishings and belongings while the estate is settled.

4.     Storage is often used during spring cleaning to free up space in the home from extra stuff that is not regularly used, but items that people are not ready to part with.

5.     Students on summer break often use self-storage to store their items before university returns for the next academic year or while they study abroad or travel.

6.     Moving in with a new partner can see people store items that will not fit or suited to the new place.

7.     A divorce or separation of a marriage means that separated couples might need put some items into storage.

8.     A new job can see people move interstate or internationally for a certain period and require their items to be kept in storage while they rent their home.

9.     People running their own business, particularly mobile businesses and online retail stores can store business materials, documents, records, POS and marketing material in a storage unit instead of overrunning their family home or garage.

10. Kids moving back into the family home and their belongings don’t fit may be required to keep their items in storage temporarily.

11. Moving in with a new roommate can mean the home is already furnished and for the extra belongings storing items can be a great idea for items that aren’t willing to be parted with.

12.Some people have hobbies where the collect lots of spare parts, components or other things and this makes it impractical to keep all in the home and the extra space of a storage unit is the perfect solution.

There you have it. 12 different situations where extra storage can be a godsend during the changes we go through in life – and these are just some of the many possible scenarios. If you need handy, secure, affordable and accessible self storage for lengths of time don’t hesitate to call the self-storage specialists today at More Space on (07) 5598 3355