Storage Wars coming to Australia?

The popular reality US TV show; Storage Wars has raised the profile of self-storage units and auctions as an attractive option for to people who want to make some money.  A&E’s “Storage Wars” follows a group of self-storage buyers travelling to different cities who are hunting for treasure at storage auctions.

You could say the auction is like a battle – buyers fighting back and forth with bids against each other trying to land the highest bid to secure the storage unit.  The excitement and thrill comes from seeing the winning bid and the anticipation of what they have won in the storage unit. The trick is bidders are not allowed examine the storage unit in detail  before the auction starts and only have limited time to check the unit from the outside, making it a game of luck and some skill.  Most often, the storage units go to auctions when the customer abandons their unit, so the operator has to sell off their goods in order to get the space back.

Does Australia have self storage auctions?

The truth is storage auctions have been around long before this reality TV show broadcasted in Australia.  If you’re interested in attending storage auction, a good start is to contact us to find out if we’re holding any auctions and we will notify you. You might find ads in the local newspaper in the classified sections, but sometimes self-storage facilities don’t advertise in newspaper.  You could also check out online auctions such as Grays Online. The idea of bidding online sounds easy like eBay, although there doesn’t seem be a lot of self-storage units up for auction.  So you will need to do a bit of work and call up your local storage facility operator or auction house.

What goods might I find?
The treasure is endless, anything really.  It might be furniture, toys, books, tools, kitchenware, cameras, sports equipment, jewellery, electronics – the list could go on and on.

We wish you all the best in your storage auction expedition! In the meantime if you are looking to secure a space of your own to store – the security of your goods guaranteed – call More Space today on (07) 5598 3355.