Tips for capitalising on the space in a self storage unit

Storing your belongings in a self storage unit at the Gold Coast or anywhere else in the world is not complicated. All you really have to do is rent a unit, fill unit and lock it. However there are a few things you can do to maximize the restricted space they have, as well as store them the best possible way to ensure nothing happens while things are locked away for months. In storage units where the space is limited you need to make the most of the space you have. For this reason in today’s news article we will share with you some helpful tips to help you capitalise on the space you have.

Advice for outdoor equipment

-Drain oil and gas from anything stored with a motor.
– Wipe all metal surfaces with machine oil to avoid rusting.
– Trash cans or similar items can be used to store maintenance tools.

Advice for storing furniture

-Place photos flat. Place cardboard piece between them and tape them together.
– All mattresses should be stored flat and covered.
– Treat wood such as tables and chairs before storing.
– To store tables or other furniture, remove their legs and store on end.
– Place tables and dressers top-to-top.
– Use wardrobe boxes to store clothes, blankets and drapes.

Unit layout advice

-Make a center aisle to make access to all your items easier.
-Use skids or pallets to enhance air flow around and under items.
– All your belongings you feel you will need more often, place them in the front.

We hope these tips help you when you move your belongings to your new self storage unit at the Gold Coast! If you would like to contact us call us on (07) 5598 3355 or send us an online enquiry!