Top 8 Reasons To Use Self Storage

Modern day self storage is a clean, safe and convenient way to store the things you don’t use every day, while keeping your belongings safe. Here are the top 5 reasons increasing numbers of people are turning to self-storage to achieve the extra space they need.

What Is Self Storage?

Self-storage is the term used to describe renting a storage space for safe-keeping possessions. This storage space, called a storage unit, can vary widely in size, anywhere from the size of a closet to a large four bedroom house. This storage unit may be rented to tenants on a short-term basis (month-to-month) or long-term.

Who Uses Self Storage?

Self storage customer demographics are quite diverse. People who seek out self storage may be individuals or businesses. They may rent a self-storage unit because they are:

  • Decluttering: Whether you find yourself running out of space in your home, or you simply desire a more minimalist lifestyle, self-storage units can be a godsend for storing the items you don’t want to part with entirely. Self-storage is ideal for people downsizing their home.
  • Home renovators: During the stress and hectic mania of a home renovation, many people find it convenient to rent a self-storage unit to store their house’s possessions.
  • Moving house: When it comes to moving house, self storage offers the safety, practicality and flexibility you need to make a smooth transition in what is often considered to be an unstable, stressful time. Moving to a new home, especially if you’re downsizing, can leave you with belongings you simply don’t have space for, so it’s helpful to have a safe place to store them.
  • Selling a house: When it comes to staging your home for sale, decluttering is almost always the first step. Decluttering your home for staging, inspections and restyling can increase the value of your property.
  • Planning to travel, take an overseas trip or work abroad: Many people find it convenient to use a self-storage facility when travelling long-term or frequently.
  • Businesses in need of off-site storage: Often, businesses will use a self-storage unit to store business inventory or archives off-site.
  • Living in inner city: If you live in a major city, the space in your apartment is probably limited. That is why many people living in inner city Brisbane use self storage to store large valuable items. Whether it’s a car that is only used on weekends, a quad bike for the kids or maybe a boat that you use occasionally, self-storage is a convenient way of storing items when there is no room at the owner’s property.

Why Use Self Storage?

Reason To Use Self Storage #1: Reduce Clutter

If your house is full to the brim with clutter, decluttering can be a great way to free up needed space and improve your quality of life. Studies show that when clutter is allowed to dominate your home, it can weigh heavy on your mind, distract and negatively impact your ability to focus, and even stir feelings of guilt or confusion.

Decluttering lowers stress levels, boosts your mood, and can even help you sleep better. A self-storage unit is the perfect place to store your extra possessions if you want to keep them out of sight and mind, and live more peacefully without clutter.

Reason To Use Self Storage #2: Guaranteed Security

Storing your valuable goods is important. A good storage facility is fully-equipped to keep your items safe. Most homes are not as secure from theft as a modern self-storage facility. Self-storage facilities are well-protected with a gated entry, locks, CCTV surveillance cameras, exterior lighting to increase visibility, security fences and 24/7 security staff.

Surveillance cameras will quickly detect unauthorised trespassers or people who may be trying to steal. Most storage units are fenced with advanced security systems so breaking into such a storage facility is next to impossible. Your access to your storage unit is completely private with a secure PIN code.

Bottom line: Self-storage units give you the benefits of both extra storage space and added security for an affordable cost.

Reason To Use Self Storage #3: Convenience

A self-storage unit is convenient and flexible to use. Simply use a code to gain access through the facility gate at any time. The sizes are flexible and can be scaled up or down accordingly. Trolleys and pallet jacks can aid you in moving your items to storage. Ultimately, this allows customers to access the level of storage they need at any given moment.

Reason To Use Self Storage #4: Insurance

Storage insurance is usually much cheaper than homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. This cost-effectiveness is a good reason to store your most valuable possessions in a self-storage facility, rather than your home.

Reason To Use Self Storage #5: Business Benefits

Many businesses use self-storage for a variety of reasons to streamline their business and maximise office space. Self-storage can be useful to:

  • Store extra stock during peak seasons
  • Store seasonal stock in off peak seasons, such as Christmas products
  • Archive old items or business files
  • Store products, samples or business stock overflow
  • Store or relocate surplus office furniture or unused equipment
  • Protect items during an emergency or natural calamity, such as a flood, storm or fire

Often, renting a storage unit is cheaper than renting out an extra office or room to store this excess business equipment.

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