What Makes Good Quality Self-Storage?

Self storage is an incredibly useful tool in the relentless battle with clutter and untidiness around your home. It can be utilised to great effect when moving house and storing items indefinitely or temporarily. There are however, a number of things to be wary of when storing your possessions. Although these issues arise primarily in substandard providers, they remain an important factor in finding your ideal storage solution and can often mean the difference between maintaining the condition of your belongings and worsening it. Being aware of the potential issues that might lessen the quality of your storage will aid in the search for the ideal self storage facility and this guide seeks to outline some of the ways in which you might go about finding the most suitable storage solution for you.

Storage security

One of the more pertinent reasons for which people favour self-storage facilities over many alternative solutions is the security they offer. The risk of criminal interference with your possessions is unremitting and this is something that a good quality self-storage business will take into account. To properly address this many of the better providers ensure the upkeep of their facilities, as well as installing and maintaining appropriate security measures throughout their compound.

Security does not only pertain to the protection of goods from criminals, however. Security from pests and environmental conditions is also essential. Quality self-storage facilities will provide units that are dry and free from rodents and other pests. It is important to recognise that some pests; namely insects, cannot realistically be eliminated entirely and you must take the necessary precautions to mitigate this when preparing your belongings for storage.


It might seem somewhat pedantic to consider the accessibility of your self-storage unit, however it is undeniable that moving large objects down stairs or through narrow corridors – particularly without assistance – can detract substantially from the convenience of storing your goods offsite. As such it is prudent to make your selection with adequate regard for the convenience with which you will be able to retrieve your goods in the future. There are several features of a self-storage facility that will aid in this respect and some of the more applicable are listed below.

  • Elevation

This is an important aspect of storage to consider, as multi-level storage units can prove difficult or even hazardous when storing bulky items – particularly where stairs are involved. Moreover, trying to move things to upper levels via stairs can increase the time required to store your goods, as well as the risk of suffering serious injury in the process. Fortunately, few storage businesses have been established in such a manner, so it is unlikely that you will encounter facilities with multiple levels. It is, however, something that still ought to be considered, bearing in mind that single-level facilities are ideal.

  • Vehicular access

Vehicular access draws upon the convenience that is inherent in a single-level storage facility. Having the capacity to drive your car to the very front of your storage unit will allow for easy access and eliminate the need for manual labour almost entirely. Furthermore, transportation to the unit from your residence or office will be far more convenient and the time taken to load and unload your items will drastically decrease. In most circumstances, the efficiency and convenience of storing your goods will be enhanced greatly by easy vehicular access and as such, it is recommended that you seek a facility accordingly.

Ensuring your possessions remain in good condition

Irrespective of the quality of the storage unit you choose, items that have been stored incorrectly will deteriorate in condition. This might occur for numerous reasons – the most notable of which is insects or humidity. Insects can damage most fabrics and materials and as a result, they ought to be packed suitably. Similarly, humidity can encourage the growth of mould and mildew so it is important to take the appropriate steps in addressing this, whilst remembering that organic fibres deteriorate when packaged in plastic.

Making the relevant enquiries at your local self-storage provider will often yield good results and doing so can alleviate all the potential shortcomings that are inherent of choosing a poor quality storage facility. Selecting an efficient and well-managed storage business will ensure that your experience is of the utmost convenience and finding the right provider involves little more than taking a few of the abovementioned precautions.

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