What to do when storing your belongings

Now that winter is over it is a good time to start a much-needed spring clean. We know how big of a hassle this can be sometimes. From throwing out old clothes to deciding if that old futon should stay; spring cleaning takes time. However, it gives you the opportunity to properly see what you have and what you want to keep or give away. At More Space we provide customers with the option of storing what they don’t need inside their homes or offices but will need one day. For all of you who are thinking about storing your belongings at our secure storage at the Gold Coast, we hope these DO’s help you!

– If you want to cover your belongings with plastic, such as mattresses and lounges, place a blanket or cloth under the plastic sheet to prevent moisture. Plastic retains moisture and therefore causes mould and mildew. You can also use it on the floor to keep the floors’ moisture away.

– Clean all of your possessions. If you are storing anything that used to hold food, make sure you clean it properly and thoroughly. By doing this you will prevent ants and other pests from visiting your possessions.

– Use clear paper to wrap your possessions. If you have glasses or other belongings that need wrapping, try using blank paper and not newspapers. Even though newspapers might not cause any problems, sometimes the ink smudges onto your items, so better be preventive!

– Make sure all white goods are clean. Make sure your fridge, washing machine, microwave are all spotless clean.

– Even though we are rather secure facility at the Gold Coast; hire insurance if you are storing important possessions. Don’t run any risks!

– Don’t and by this we mean DON’T store flammables and toxic chemicals.

– Avoid making your boxes too heavy. Make sure you can carry them. Having heavy boxes could hurt you or others.