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If you’re thinking of hiring a self-storage unit for your things, and want to make sure that it’s extra secure, getting a solid padlock is a must. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best locks for storage units in 2022, so that you can keep your unit nice and secure.

These padlocks are ordered by the intentionally-recognised CEN grading system, which tests actions like pulling, twisting, and cutting the shackle, as well as drilling or sawing the padlock’s body, among other tests.

The best locks for storage units in 2022

Abloy PL362 Steel Padlock with Raised Shoulders

Locks For Storage Units - Abloy


Image from Abloy

This padlock from Finnish company Abloy has a hardened, free-spinning protection plate that prevents drill bits from entering the lock. It also has stainless steel ball bearings that lock the shackle at both ends, which its designers believe makes it “pick-proof.”

This lock boasts a CEN security grade of six—the maximum security grade that can be achieved, so this is easily the strongest padlock on our list. It’s also the most expensive, but should give you peace of mind for the safety of your storage unit.

Rough price: $205
Buy in Australia from Secure Your World

Abus High-Security Steel Padlock ‘Rock’ 83/80

Locks For Storage Units - Abus

Image from Abus

They don’t call this padlock “the Rock” for nothing. Its shell and shackle is made of hardened steel, creating a robust, rock-like piece of equipment that is tough to break into. It has double-locking, so will remain locked even if the shackle is cut. If you’re keeping something expensive in your storage unit, this is a superb choice. It has a CEN security grade of five—one below the highest score of six.

It can be purchased in various sizes, but you’ll likely want the 80mm version for your storage unit.

Rough price: $170
Buy in Australia from Secure Your World

Abus Granit Padlock 37ST55

Locks For Storage Units - Abus Granit Lock

Image from Abus

With the Granit 37ST55, German manufacturer Abus has created an incredibly strong padlock with a CEN security grade of four, making it a great choice for your storage unit. It’s body and shackle are made of extra-tough stainless steel, it has a double-ball locking mechanism to protect against pulling, and a custom-made disc cylinder mechanism to protect it against picking.

This highly popular lock is often used to secure warehouses, containers, lorries, and storage units.

Rough price: $200
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Stanley Hardware S828-152 CD8820

Locks For Storage Units - Stanley

Image from Amazon

This exceptional Stanley padlock conceals a large part of the shackle to provide further protection against cutting. Even then, the shackle is made of ultra-strong molybdenum to protect it against sawing and cutting. Combined with the hardened steel body, and ball-bearings to resist pry attacks, this is an excellent padlock to protect your storage unit.

Rough price: $118
Buy in Australia from Direct Nine

Master Lock 930DLHPF

Locks For Storage Units - Master Lock

Image from Master Lock

Master Lock’s 930DLHPF model has a solid, wide steel body, a shackle made of hardened boron to protect it against cuts, and a double ball bearing mechanism to protect it from hammering and penetration. The shackle is long, so there’s plenty of space for something to try cutting it, but it’s a solid lock that should easily deter common thieves.

Rough price: $110
Buy in Australia from HomeLoft AU

Storage container locks—summary

There you have it—five solid security locks that will help you to protect your unit against theft. If you’d like to learn more about security, check out our article on the safety of storage facilities.