How Safe Are Storage Facilities?

Moving house or renovating can be a stressful experience and the constant concern for the security of your belongings will only worsen this. Leaving your home unoccupied for long periods of time as you renovate, or placing your possessions into somewhat questionable storage facilities will potentially leave the door open to theft and vandalism. Fortunately however, there is a secure and safe solution to your storage needs and this comes in the form of a self-storage facility.

A good self-storage facility will offer you unrivalled safety and uncompromised security to ensure that you belongings are safe from theft or damage. There are some things to look out, as not all storage facilities offer the same degree of safety and security. Some of the more questionable facilities might only have rudimentary security installations in place, whilst some may not have any at all. To work our how safe your storage facility is, it is important to pay attention to some of the more minor details.

Don’t risk it: choose a safe storage facility

Poor quality storage facilities might not always be easy to spot; some may claim to have a sound security system implemented, whilst others might downplay the importance of security. For this reason, you should always enquire as to the security of a self storage facility before committing your belongings to one of their units. Southeast Queensland’s most reputable storage facilities will maintain an uncompromising dedication to the security of your goods and this will most likely be evident upon inspecting their facilities and in their service. Some easily identifiable signs that your self storage facility is a good one include well maintained facilities and a number of security installations. Maintenance is an important factor in the security of a storage facility, as effective maintenance ensures that your facility’s storage units will be structurally sound. This will keep not only unscrupulous individuals out, but also environmental intrusions such as pests and water, which are often responsible for a great deal of damage to stored goods.

Some specific features that signify a safe storage facility

When you are looking around at prospective self storage facilities there are several things in particular that are especially important. Before you make a choice on where to store your goods, it is advisable that you choose a facility with these features as a minimum.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are perhaps one of the most useful security installations of any storage facility. An effectively positioned series of CCTV cameras offers multiple benefits to the security of the facility and the most notable of these is deterrence and evidence. Often, the mere presence of security cameras will be sufficient to deter would-be criminals from a site, because they see the risk of being caught as too high. If, however, your goods do sustain criminal damage or theft, then the footage can be extracted from the surveillance cameras and provided to the authorities, who will then have a much greater chance of locating those responsible.

A sturdy, well-maintained security fence

Similarly to the security cameras, a good security fence will act as a deterrent in both a practical and theoretical capacity. A security fence provides a clear boundary to the storage facility and serves as a physical barrier between the facility and any potential intruders. Bypassing the fence would prove to be both time consuming and risky for a criminal and this will generally deter them from attempting to even enter the facility.

Security staff

Probably the most effective security measure that a storage facility can implement is dedicated security staff. Some storage providers contract external security companies to patrol their storage facilities at certain intervals, whilst others may employ staff to occupy the site and keep an eye on the area. Both of these are effective and you should ask your storage provider about the security personnel that are employed in their facility, before you commit to store your goods.

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