6 Useful Furniture Storage Tips

If you have just signed the papers on a new self storage unit, we are willing to bet that furniture will be one of the first things to reside there. Furniture is a self storage staple, and it’s not hard to see why. Most items of furniture take up a little too much room to store at home. But they usually still have use and significance to you.

And that’s why they’re a perfect match for self storage! However, you can’t just throw them in and forget about them. So what are some good furniture storage tips? Read on and find out!

#1 Timber furniture is susceptible to damage: our best tips to avoid this is wax your furniture!

Timber can last centuries with the right care and attention. But without it, your beautiful timber furniture can quickly deteriorate. And that is mostly because of timber’s rocky relationship with moisture. Moisture is everywhere – it’s in the atmosphere itself. So even the most secure self storage unit will still have some moisture floating around. If there’s too much, it can make timber swell and split.

If there’s not enough, it can make timber dry out and split. It’s a tough balance to strike. Luckily, all it takes to avoid this is some TLC before the furniture goes into storage. And by that, we mean a quick wipe with a rag, and a fresh coat or furniture wax or polish.

#2 One of our favourite furniture storage tips is to use moving blankets to cover your furniture

Before it’s time to think about storing your furniture, you have to think about moving it. Normally, this will involve a truck, trailer or ute. And that is rife with risk. Moving furniture in vehicles is the only way to do it, but it is also the most likely source of damage. One simple way to avoid those unfortunate scrapes and scratches is to wrap your furniture completely in moving blankets. Moving blankets are a great furniture storage tip because they are inexpensive and effective. You can even leave them on your furniture while it’s in storage!

#3 Furniture storage tips differ for different furniture: natural materials need some extra care

Storing plastic, metal, and glass is pretty straightforward. But storing natural materials is another matter entirely. And by natural materials, we mean timber and leather. Timber and leather furniture is some of the most beautiful furniture, but it needs a little extra care in storage. Most importantly, these materials need to breathe. So don’t wrap them in plastic, whatever you do! Instead, use some of those moving blankets we mentioned earlier, or even some old bedsheets.

#4 Furniture is heavy, so this is the most important of all furniture storage tips: lift and pack safely!

No list of furniture storage tips would be complete without a mention of safety. Furniture is heavy, so storing it can be a little risky. Lifting and packing cumbersome items of furniture can result in injury, so you have to be careful. Always get a friend to help out on those heavier items, and never store them above chest height.

#5 It is worth carefully disassembling large items of furniture – it is much more space efficient

Some items of furniture are simply too large to move and store in one piece. So if you have a six place dining room set, you may need to whip out the screwdriver and get to work on it. You can disassemble most items of furniture pretty easily, and it will make moving and storing a dream. And if you’re having trouble, do some research online.

#6 If you’re storing furniture long term, then leave some space between each item to avoid damage

Finally, let’s talk long-term furniture storage tips. Leaving things for the long term is a great way to get the most out of your storage unit. But you have to do it right, or else your furniture can progressively deteriorate. We recommend leaving space between each item as a good place to start. This will prevent items from denting or scratching each other over time.

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