What are the Features of a Secure Storage Facility?

One of the main reasons we see for people hiring a self storage unit is security. When you are leaving your home, business, holiday house or any other property for an extended period of time, there is always the unfortunate chance that the security of your premises could be compromised. This can result in costly vandalism, theft or other damage to your belongings.

There are many ways you could address this; you could install extensive security systems in your properties, contract security companies to keep an eye on your premises or even just take your possessions with you, but none of these are particularly practical for most people. Security systems are expensive, with security companies charging high fees to monitor homes and businesses. Likewise, taking your belongings around with you is simply not practical and will often result in a cluttered living space. Clearly, the most viable solution for the average homeowner of business owner is a self storage unit – but what exactly makes self storage secure? In reality, there are many factors that contribute to the security of a self storage facility and the most important of these are listed in this guide.

Ask your self storage provider about their security measures

If you want to be certain that your possessions are in safe hands, asking a prospective self storage provider about the security of their facility is a great place to start. Across southeast Queensland there are numerous self storage facilities, but unfortunately not all of them take security seriously and it is for this reason, that you should enquire specifically about the security measures they have in place. Often, simply asking them will be sufficient to work out if they take security seriously, but if you wanted to be extra careful you could ask them to show you around the premises. The most reputable facilities will be easy to spot as they will be well kept and their security features are usually quite distinct.

What security features should you look for?

When you are discussing security with a prospective self storage provider, there are some basic features that should be non-negotiable. If these features aren’t present in a self storage facility that you’re considering, then chances are it’s not worth the risk.


Closed-circuit television is one of the most effective tools in maintaining a secure storage facility and it offers a number of advantages to the security of your belongings. Firstly, it serves as an effective deterrent to any would-be intruders; unscrupulous or opportunistic thieves and vandals will rarely risk being filmed committing a crime. If, however, the unthinkable happens and your belongings are damaged or stolen, CCTV will often allow the authorities to easily recover your possessions and hold the perpetrators accountable for their wrongdoing.

Security personnel

Secure storage facilities often have security personnel on the ground to monitor the storage units and deter intruders from entering the site. Some self storage providers have on site security attendants, whilst others contract security companies to conduct frequent after-hours patrols of the area and ensure that your goods are safeguarded against theft or vandalism. This is something that all secure storage facilities ought to have and it is something that you should expect for your self storage unit.

Well constructed storage units

Secure storage units will always be well constructed and you should never settle for a facility that does not offer well-maintained units. Not only does high quality construction prevent break-ins more effectively, it will also prevent water or pests entering your unit and damaging your goods. After all, comprehensive security includes security from the elements, as well as unscrupulous individuals.

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