Five Items NOT to Place in Self Storage


Before you start packing your belongings to put into self storage , STOP, not everything can stored!

The idea of storage is to preserve and protect your goods when you cannot keep them with you. The last thing you want to do is discover that you shouldn’t have left a particular item behind. Here is why!

What not to store

Creating extra space in your home should be relieving, not stressful. Here are some of the most important products you should not store in a storage unit.

Perishable goods

This includes food! If planning on travelling it would be a waste to just discard your food; however, your storage unit is not the place for it. Give it to a neighbour or donate it to charity. Food and other perishable goods that decay or rot will only cause damage to your other stored items and attract vermin to both your unit and surrounding storage.

Live animals

A storage shed should not be used as a boarding kennel for live animals. This is reckless, cruel and extremely dangerous as temperatures can rise and fall within the self storage unit. In addition to animals requiring daily interaction, food and water, the issue of hygiene also comes into play. Do not ever leave an animal in storage!

Illegal contraband

For obvious reasons illegal goods cannot be stored in self storage. These illegal goods include but are not limited to drugs and stolen goods. These are objects you should not have in your possession to begin with so don’t risk being caught or harming someone else with your items.

Combustible goods

Fuel, explosives, toxic and other combustible goods should never be stored in a storage unit. These units can have the potential to heat up dramatically, which poses a huge risk for your goods, the surrounding storage sheds and the people within the vicinity. By storing these items you are risking disaster!

Old photos

Old photos and memorabilia should be stored within your home or with someone you trust. In humid climates the heat and moisture combination trapped in a storage unit could leave your treasured items looking worse for wear.

Clearing out your home or storing your goods while travelling is a great way to ensure your things will be waiting for you when you are ready to collect them. This is why it is important to keep the above items out of self storage! For more information on safe storing of your possessions see here .

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