How to best use space in a storage unit

How good are you at Tetris? It can seem like you’re playing a real life version of the classic video game when you’re trying to negotiate different size items in your storage unit, and depending how you organise your belongings will depend how well you use the space that is available to you. At More Space, we share some advice on how you can optimise the space in a storage unit in our latest post.

Do you plan on regularly accessing your belongings?

Some tenants choose to use a self-storage unit to store their belongings for a period (usually longer than six months) without access their belongings until they vacate the unit. This makes stacking items securely still important, however leaving space to access different areas becomes less so. For people who plan on regularly accessing their possessions, we recommend leaving a centre aisle to easily access for all of your belongings as you need them.

Pack whatever you can into boxes

It may sound obvious, but many people neglect to store their items in proper boxes. This means that odd sized plastic bags and other material often sits unevenly on top of each other meaning there is a risk they could fall and be damaged or damage other items. Boxes stack neatly on top of each other, and a just as importantly secure. Our storage units have high ceilings meaning you can best use the space to stack items upwards.

Get the right sized unit

We recommend our customers come and see our range of differently sized units for themselves before settling on an option. Seeing the unit in its real life dimensions can help you decide which size is right for you. Many people are surprised at just how much can be fit into a storage unit if items are stacked neatly.

For more advice on storing items, stay tuned to our blog or call the team at More Space discuss Gold Coast and Tweed Heads storage solutions that are right for you.