What items are not permitted in a storage facility?

People choose to store all sorts of different things in their storage units. It’s your space so you can do what you want with it right? Well… almost.

Here at More Space, we’ve seen and heard of many people who have stored all kinds of bizarre items in their storage units, from collections of rubber tyres to NASA space equipment (yes for real!) and when it comes to using storage facilities, their flexibility means that almost anything goes – with a few exceptions.

If you’re in doubt about the suitability of an item we always encourage people to ask us for advice. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that were never meant to be stored in a storage facility (consistent with storage facilities around the world).

•    Animals or plants – alive or dead. These not only provide a health risk as they can decompose, the also have the potential to spread disease and attract vermin and rodents.

•    Food products – Canned food is permitted but for obvious reasons, (as above) perishable foods are not permitted in storage units.

•    Combustible, Toxic or Flammable items – Any substance that is considered dangerous and volatile should never be stored in self storage, especially when temperatures soar during summer. Some examples include petrol, propane tanks, kerosene, motor oil, fertilisers, chemicals, paint, asbestos containing materials, medical waste (why would you?), and other toxic waste products.

•    Illegal Items – using a storage unit as a place to store drugs, weapons, cash or other items that are stolen is not allowed. We do respect the privacy of our storage unit holders, but please keep it legal!

While we’re on the subject of rules, you also are not allowed to live out of a storage unit! We know this is stating the obvious but it does happen!

Any more questions about what’s allowed and what is not allowed in a storage facility, please get it touch with our helpful team. Just call us today at one of the Gold Coast’s best value storage facilities (07) 5598 3355