How to take the stress out of moving house

There are a million things you need to do when you move house, and often it seems like there’s not enough time to do it all. Trying to schedule all the miscellaneous tasks and tie up all the loose ends while keeping on top of your day-to-day responsibilities unsurprisingly causes unwelcome stress. So how can you stress less before going into your next move? Fortunately following a few simple tips can make the whole process a lot smoother, and the team of storage specialists at More Space give some handy tips to keep your sanity intact and move smoothly in our latest blog post.

1.     Have money set aside for the move

Most people will be aware of a move well in advance, so having sufficient funds will ensure that you will be able to take advantage of professional services available such as cleaners, storage units or removalists. This will save you time and reduce stress instead of having to rely on others or do everything yourself. Having spare funds available to help with the move will also ensure that your financial worries don’t compound to the existing stress.

2.     Allow enough time.

As soon as you find out you need to move, make a mental note to start packing as soon as possible. Whether that means cleaning out the clutter and making trips to the dump, starting early with all the packing and organising will save you stress later. If you find out you are running out of time, organise a day off work to dedicate specifically to the move. Creating a list of things that needs to be done that have a specified deadline, also helps to manage your time effectively and reduces moving stress.

3.     Look After Yourself Throughout the Process

Things always seem more daunting and overwhelming when you are not feeling your best, so make sure to look after yourself during this stressful period by eating the right foods and getting enough sleep and exercise. The moving process will also be a lot more bearable if you feel at your best while doing it.

4.     Farewell your property and surrounding neighbourhood

Part of the stress people often feel about moving revolves around the fact they feel anxiety about leaving their home and the surrounding area behind. This is especially true for young children who might have friends in the neighbourhood. Taking time to organise a farewell party with the neighbours or friends in the area and doing all the things you enjoy in your neighbourhood one last time can help you relocate on a happier note and feel less anxious since you had a chance to say ‘goodbye.’

5.     Maintain a positive outlook

Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of moving including the new features in the new home and the exciting opportunities and facilities available in your new neighbourhood. Try not to focus on how stressful moving can be, as it’s often the more you think about stressful situations, the more stressed you feel. Take each day as it comes, and remember to keep the task at hand into perspective. Break it down and you won’t focus on the bigger picture and it will help compartmentalise the process.

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