Moving House Checklist



• Book your removalist (Not sure which company to use? Check our list of recommended suppliers or ask family and friends who have recently moved.)
• Consider extra insurance coverage you may need for your move. Ask your removalist what insurance is included and check your home owners’ policy to see what it covers.
• If you are moving to a new area, research schools, doctors, banks and other services you will require. Arrange transfers where necessary.
• If you are moving overseas, check passport expiry dates, tickets, visas etc.
• Create a file of all the relevant paperwork you will need for your move, ensure to keep some identification documents handy in case you need to set up some new accounts.
• Make a list of all the companies you will need to advise your change in address, such as banks, insurance providers, phone & internet providers, electricity suppliers, transport department, self storage supplier and electoral office. Don’t forget your online accounts too.


• Start sorting through your cupboards and setting aside the things you no longer want, it’s easier if you go room by room. Remember to sort through the attic, garage or garden shed.
• Donate unwanted items to your local charity, sell items online or have a garage sale to help pay for your move.
• Measure rooms in your new home to ensure your furniture fits.
• Items you can’t bear to part with which don’t fit in your new house, put into self storage. See our storage services here. 
• Arrange storage for any extra vehicles, boat, trailer or caravan, until you’ve moved so you don’t have to worry about these on moving day.
• Remember removalists will not take flammable items such as fuel cans or portable gas cylinders, even if they’re empty. You’ll need to put these items into storage, they should be empty with valves open. Ensure flammable liquids are disposed of safely.
• Purchase boxes and packing materials such as: Tape, packing paper, marker pens & box cutters). Remember to use larger boxes for light items and small boxes for heavy items. Don’t forget specialty materials like glassware padding, wardrobe boxes and mattress bags. Check out our packaging materials here.   


• Start packing! Start with rooms that you don’t use everyday and leave those you do until last. Number each box and make an inventory of what’s inside. Be sure to write which room the box is for so it’s easier to unpack at the other end.
• Get some other useful tips on our packing tips page.
• Arrange family or friends to mind children and pets on moving day.
• Start using up any food stored in the freezer.
• Dismantle any furniture that comes apart – Remember to tape screws to the item so they don’t get lost.


• Cancel any home deliveries like newspapers, and set up at your new address.
• Return any library books and DVD’s.
• Arrange mail redirection via Australia Post. Remember to redirect any mail delivered under a company name as well, there is a different form for business mail and higher fees apply.
• Pack  jewellery, valuable items and important paperwork into a separate box to transport yourself.
• Leave any instruction manuals and warranties for your old house in a pack for the new owners.
• Start advising lawn mowing services or pool cleaners etc of your move.


• Organise a professional clean of your old house after the removalists have left.
• Arrange for utilities such as phone, internet, gas, electricity & pay TV to be switched off at your old house one day after you’ve moved out and connected at your new house one day before move in. Keep these phone numbers handy in case you need to contact them on moving day.
• Clean out your pantry of items past their use by date, and use up all opened packets.
• Remove batteries from powered items.
• Create a plan for layout of furniture in your new home.
• If you have purchased a new home, ensure you have a final inspection the day before settlement to ensure all the fixtures and fittings are as per the contract.


• Back up your computers to a hard drive, and have a plan to check emails or pay bills via your mobile phone until your internet is connected in your new home.
• Reconfirm time and address details with your removalist and ensure you have each others mobile number.
• Pack an overnight bag for each member of the family, for the first night in your new home. Don’t forget essential medications, pet leads/bowls and children’s bedtime friends!


• Empty, dry out and defrost freezer and refrigerator.
• Set aside any items you will need to take with you, including your overnight bags.
• Leave a note for the new owners with your contact details and any instructions they might need.


• Ensure you have keys and garage door remotes for your new home!
• Keep your packing inventory handy and ensure all items are loaded into the removalists truck.
• Check house room by room for any items left behind – remember to look inside and on top of cupboards.
• If renting, remember to return all copies of keys and garage doors remotes to your rental agent once the house is cleaned.
• Double check all lights and power switches are off.
• When you arrive at your new home, have your furniture plan handy and direct the removalists as required. Ensure any furniture they should be reassembling is completed.
• If renting, document the condition or the property and fixtures for the agent.
• Check all the utilities are connected.
• Don’t forget to pick up animals and children from friends or family at the end of the day!!