Self Storage Facilities: Safety Tips for Storing your Belongings

When it comes to storing your belongings in self storage, there is a right way and a wrong way. If you are storing a lot of items in a self storage facility, then you ought to take the time to pack them properly. In fact, it is quite common to damage your possessions, if they are not stored the right way. This is not the only thing you risk by hurriedly packing your things.

Your personal safety is actually at stake in some cases. If you pack your belongings in a way that is unstable or inaccessible, you might get injured when it comes time to retrieve them. To avoid this, it is worthwhile doing some research and taking the time to store your possessions correctly. Here at More Space, our experts have compiled some tips on how to safely store your belongings in self storage facilities.

Store your items in the correct containers

The first step to storing your belongings safely is to choose a suitable container for them if they require one. This is beneficial for two reasons: firstly, it will ensure that your items are protected and secondly, it will make them easier to retrieve. A common cause of accidental damage and even injury is cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are convenient and cheap, which makes them a popular choice when it comes to storage.

However, if you store relatively heavy items in cardboard boxes, the items can tear the cardboard. Cardboard does wear over time and if you pick up the boxes without supporting the underside properly, then the items inside can easily break through the base. If you are collecting the box from a high shelf when this happens, then the contents might fall on you, or someone nearby.

Take the time to pack your self storage unit well

Packing a storage unit in a self storage facility is much trickier than many people realise. There are a few things that you ought to consider before finalising the packing. Doing so will make it easier and safer to retrieve your belongings.

Heavy items

As a general rule, you should never stack heavy items above your shoulder height. Ideally, the heaviest of your possessions should be stacked on the floor. Stacking heavy items above a safe height can result in serious injuries and these can occur in several different ways. Picking up a heavy box at shoulder height can damage your back, and dropping it can injure other parts of your body. Furthermore, the weight of the items can slowly break the shelving on which they are stored. This means that the risk of an accident is amplified, often without you realising.

Items you use often

When packing your self storage facility, you should think about items that you are likely to need in the near future. Naturally, you are sure to use some things more frequently than others. For this reason, you should identify these items and make them as accessible as possible. For example, you would want to avoid packing them behind a lot of items, at the back of your storage unit. Likewise, you should try and avoid stacking other items on top of them. This will make them easily accessible and reduce the risk of an accident when it comes time to collect them.

Items that should never be stored in a self storage facility

Finally, there are some things that simply should not be left in a self storage facility. Anything volatile or hazardous is not suitable for self storage. The most common substance of this nature to be stored unknowingly is petrol. Petrol is highly flammable and the fumes are hazardous. As well as this, they can settle in your other belongings and ruin them. As a result, you should never store petrol in a self storage facility. That includes petrol in small engines such as mowers and leaf blowers.

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