The Self Storage Industry in Australia

The self storage industry in Australia has grown considerably in recent decades. Self Storage has proved itself as a cost effective and space efficient storage alternative to on site storage. This is particular popular today, as urban and suburban space is becoming more and more coveted. If you are looking for all the bonuses of self storage, then you should consider More Space. More Space is at the forefront of the Australian self storage industry, with secure self storage facilities on the Gold Coast.

Self Storage Industry: Australian History

The self storage industry in Australia is relatively new, compared to other countries. In Australia, up until recent decades, we have had the advantage of abundant space. The thriving success of Australians in their realisation of the ‘Great Australian Dream’ meant that most people owned a home. Of course, owning a home in mid to late 20th century Australia is synonymous with having a large backyard and garage. This means that homeowners almost always had a great deal of storage space. As most Australians would be aware, however, this is no longer necessarily the case.

Australia’s capital cities are booming and space in these areas is now at a premium. When combined with the ongoing shift of our population from regional to urban areas, this has resulted in a noticeable shortage of space. Many Australians now call apartments and townhouses home. These living arrangements, while comfortable, come with no guarantee of even a car space, let alone and entire garage. Consequently, self storage units are becoming increasingly popular.

The Advantages of a Growing Self Storage Industry

The self storage industry in Australia is now expanding faster than ever. People are constantly searching for more cost-effective solutions to storage and self storage units often tick all the boxes. There are many advantages to self storage and these continue to encourage the industry’s growth and expansion.

#1 Cost

For many, the convenience of urban and suburban living comes at a cost. Usually, in and around Queensland’s major cities, this cost is financial. Inner city apartments, houses and townhouses are usually quite expensive to buy or rent. When you add the cost of a garage space or car port, the cost can often increase considerably. For a lot of people, it is simply cheaper to address their storage issues with a self storage unit. This is often more financially viable than purchasing or renting a home or unit with abundant storage space.

#2 Convenience

Another undeniable benefit of self storage is its convenience. Rather than cluttering up your home with possessions that you rarely use, you can store them off site. This means that you have more space available in your home for things that you need. Often, self storage is also convenient for business owners as well. In fact, self storage has become a popular option for those who are running online businesses. Self storage facilities allow online businesses to save money on office space, by offering cheap storage solutions. Even those who already work out of offices can benefit from self storage. Things like files and records are easily stored in self storage units. This makes space for more current items in the office itself.

#3 Security

Finally, there is the benefit of security. Self storage facilities offer unrivalled security. The best self storage companies offer secure spaces, with CCTV and security patrols. This means that whatever you choose to store, will be safe. Whether it is personal possessions, files, stock or anything else, self storage is a secure alternative to onsite storage. The security, convenience and value for money combined make self storage the perfect option for anyone in and around Queensland’s major cities. These advantages have contributed to the remarkable and ongoing growth of the self storage industry in Australia.

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